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We offer bonds and insurance in the following states.
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Jet has the capability to provide bonds and insurance for businesses in all states. Below are the most requested coverages we offer.

Contractor License

Jet provides bonds and insurance for contractors at competitive pricing. Let Jet take care of the filing process for you, no matter which state(s) you do business in.

Motor Vehicle
Dealer Bonds

We work with several A-rated insurance carriers to deliver the lowest bond price every time. We file the car dealer bond to the state which you reside in for you.

Contractor General
Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance protects your business against claims that arise from bodily injury, property damage, or personal/advertising injury to third parties occurring during the policy period caused by or relating to the work performed.

Garage Liability

Third-party liabilities and property damage are covered under a Garage Liability policy. These policies are a combination of an auto policy and a commercial liability form. There is not a one size fits all policy for auto dealerships, but Jet will make sure your business is protected.

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Jet prides themselves on one-of-a-kind customer service. This means that a live person will answer your call to help with any and all questions or concerns you have. Jet is able to get you a quote over the phone within minutes and can guarantee that price to be the lowest in the market.