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Wyoming Surety Bond

Bond Categories

Fidelity Bonds are needed for various business types including cleaning and janitorial services, financial institutions, and businesses offering employee benefit plans.

Hiring union laborers? While those skilled workers come with benefits you are sure to run into some red tape with the union, such as a Union Bond (Wage and Welfare) requirement.

Court Bonds are required on a county level for plaintiffs and defendants going through certain court processes. Replevin bonds, appeal bonds, and lien bonds are examples of court bonds.

Probate Bonds (Fiduciary Bonds) may be required by a county court or through a will for someone acting on behalf of another for financial or medical reasons. These can be for administrators or executors, conservators or guardians, and trustees.

State Bond Information

Surety bonds provide a guarantee of compensation to anyone who is financially damaged as a result of a regulated business or individual. Wyoming requires surety bonds for several contracts, permits, professions, and licenses to protect its valued people and land.

Jet Insurance Company, as the surety provider, is responsible for making payouts for valid claims. The principal, aka the regulated person or entity, must comply with city, county, and state laws to ensure they are in compliance and to avoid bond claims. If a customer decides to purchase a vehicle from a Wyoming dealership and finds out the odometer was tampered with, they can file a claim on the dealer's license bond to be compensated. Jet would make payment to the customer, up to the bond limit, and then the dealer must pay Jet back for the full claim amount. Our Surety Bond Claims Guide delves into the claims process.

Jet's direct model removes middlemen agents and brokers that tack on fees and work on commissions. Because of this, we deliver the quickest application, the best customer service, and great rates.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Wyoming (NAIC #16379).

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