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Court Bonds

Court Bonds are required on a county level for plaintiffs and defendants in all 50 states going through certain processes such as an appeal or replevin.

Court Bonds ensure the person securing the bond will uphold their responsibilities as either the plaintiff or the defendant.

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Replevin Bonds

Replevin Bonds, also known as Sequestration Bonds or Claim and Delivery Bonds, is requested by a plaintiff to the court when the plaintiff is looking to take back (replevy) property that is in the defendant's possession. This is the counterpart to the Counter Replevin Bond.

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Appeal Bonds

Appeal Bonds, also referred to as Supersedeas Bonds, are a court bond required for a defendant wishing to reverse a judgement against them in a stay of execution.

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Counter Replevin Bonds

Counter Replevin Bonds, sometimes called Writ of Replevin Bonds, are for defendants seeking to retain or take possession of property until the court reaches a final decision. This is the counterpart to the Replevin Bond.

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Lien Bonds

Lien Bonds are for defendants wishing to discharge a lien owed against property. The bond allows the lien to attach to the bond instead of the property until the lawsuit ends. Also referred to as Mechanics Lien Bonds, Discharge of Lien Bonds, or Release of Lien Bonds.

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