Oregon Surety Bonds

In Oregon there are 112 surety bonding requirements that individuals and business need to acquire. 40 different government departments, agencies, commissions, counties and cities regulate various industries and operations with the State and use the surety bond as a tool to protect Oregon's beautiful landscape and people.

Oregon Bond Categories

Construction Bonds

With the most varied set of bonding requirements, contractors need bonds for all manner of licenses, permits and contracts.

Court/Probate Bonds

Bonds related to court orders or for the execution of trust and wills. Whether the personal representative, plantiff, defendant, trustee you may need on of these bonds.

Finance Bonds

Bond requirements related to money management, mortgages, tax payments and collections.

Fidelity and Notary

Business Service, Employee Dishonesty, ERISA, Janitorial Service and Notary Bonds.

Transportation Bonds

Bonds related to motor vehicles (including trucks and boats), fuel, tires and the regulation of the transportation.

Healthcare Bonds

Healthcare service related bonds for dentists, optometrists, nursing homes, prescription drug wholesalers and health care services.

School Bonds

Required bond for contractor schools, commercial driving schools and schools of varying degrees.

Other Bonds

Some bonds play by their own rules and refuse to be categorized with others such as Labor Contractor, Fight Promoter and Private Employment Agency bonds.

Common Surety Bonds

The following bonds are requested more than others at Jet. Get right into in by selecting your bond or browse the categories below.

Contractor License Bonds

Residential and commercial contractors are required to have a license bond by the CCB.

Fuel Tax Bonds

Fuels dealers, sellers and users are required to get a bond to guarantee tax payments to OR.

Mortgage Lender

Mortgage broker and lenders are required to carry a bond to be licensed.

Motor Vehicle Dealers

Motor Vehicle Dealers must purchase a $50,000 surety bond to be licensed with the ODOT.