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Oregon Healthcare Bonds

Healthcare-related businesses in Oregon have many regulations in place, including the need for a surety bond. Dental and optometrist offices, nursing homes, and prescription wholesalers are among the businesses who need a bond to get their license. Governing agencies such as the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) oversee and enforce these regulations.


Health Care Service 

The DCBS requires a $260,000 Health Care Service Bond for health care contractors and a $55,000 bond for dental and optometrical services to be certified in Oregon.

Prescription Wholesaler 

A $100,000 Prescription Wholesaler Surety Bond is required by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy for Class I prescription drug wholesalers.

Patient Trust 

The Patient Trust Bond is required by the Oregon Department of Human Services for nursing homes, assisted-living, and independent-living facilities in Oregon.