Oregon Transportation Bonds

In Oregon several professions related to vehicles and fuel are required to obtain surety bonds. Several Oregon State departments, including the Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Quality and the State Marine Board, manage various license and tax requirements in Oregon. Jet provides business and individuals these bonds online in minutes and with great efficiency come lowered bond prices.

Motor Vehicle Bonds

Motor Vehicle Dealer

$50,000 Auto Dealer License Bond for franchise, used, and wholesale car dealers required by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Motor Vehicle Dismantlers

$100,000 Auto Dismantler License Bond for vehicle dismantling operations that is required by the Oregon DOT and DMV.

Mechanic's Lien

$20,000 Automotive Repair Certificate of Possessory Lien Bond for mechanics and auto repair shops required by the Oregon DOT.

Motorcycle Only Dealer

$10,000 Motorcycle, Moped, ATV, Snowmobile Dealer Bond for dealerships who only deals those types of vehicles required by the ODOT.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

$1,000 Auto Inspection License Bond for businesses who guarantee vehicle emissions within State regulations as enforced by the Oregon DEQ.

Fuel and Tax Bonds

Highway Use Tax

Highway Use Tax Bond for motor carriers and trucking operations as required by the Oregon DOT to guarantee tax payments.

Fuel Tax

Fuel Tax Bond for motor vehicle fuel dealers, use fuel sellers and use fuel users required by the Oregon DOT to guarantee tax payments.

Freight Broker Bonds

Freight Broker Bond

A bond of many names including ICC Broker Bond, BMC-84 Bond, Freight Forwarder Bond or Property Broker Bond.


Other Transportation Related Bonds

Highway Permit Bond

The state of Oregon requires a Highway Permit Bond for construction and miscellaneous work performed on highways.

Waste Tire Carrier

$5,000 Waste Tire Carrier Bond for tire haulers required by the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality.

Boat Registration Agent

$1,000 Boat Registration Agent Bond required by the Oregon State Marine Board for agents who collect fees in exchange for boat registration services.

Ocean Charter Owner

$5,000 Ocean Vessel Charter Owner Bond for charter companies required by the Oregon State Marine Board to guarantee deposits are handled appropriately.

Waste Tire Storage

Waste Tire Storage Bond for facilities storing and disposing waste tires required by the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality.

Disseminator DMV

$25,000 Disseminator Bond required by the Oregon DMV for businesses that sell or distribute public information to a person.

Trucker Driving School

$2,500 Commercial Driving School Bond for schools providing education services to truckers required by the Oregon DOT.

Ignition Interlock Device

A $100,000 bond must be filed with the Oregon State Police by manufacturers of devices that monitor a driver's blood alcohol level when they are behind the wheel.