Oregon Highway Permit Bond

Oregon Highway Permit Bond

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) may require a permit bond for work or use of the highway guaranteeing that the public highway conditions are restored and the permit specifications are followed. There are two different permits that can be obtained: The Single Use Permit for construction and miscellaneous activities or the Blanket Permit for construction companies that consistently perform jobs on highways.


With Jet, this bond can be purchased online in minutes and sent off to the Department of Transportation.

How Much Does the Oregon Highway Permit Bond Cost?

The Highway Permit Bond cost starts at $100, but will vary based on the bond limit set by the ODOT and the personal credit of the applicant. Below are some examples of the preferred tier prices for several bonding limits applicants can qualify for. 

Oregon Highway Permit Bond Cost
Bond limit Cost
$10,000 $100
$25,000 $250
$50,000 $500

With Jet you are dealing directly with the company providing the bonding. There are no middleman brokers or agents to complicate the bonding process and add on fees and collect commission on the sale of the bond.

For the Blanket Permit Bond for construction companies Jet offers a monthly payment option starting as low as $10. So long as the blanket bond is needed in effect, the bond will remain in effect with on time payment being made.

Who is Required to Obtain this Permit Bond?

For the Single Use Highway Permit Bond there are various applicants that may be needed to obtain this bond. It basically comes down to any person or company planning to work on the highway or use the highway beyond its intended purpose that would bring risk to the current condition of the highway. For example, contractors performing work, parades, tire chain installers, beautification projects, filming companies, and many more may need to get the permit bond if deemed necessary by the ODOT.

The Blanket Highway Permit Bond is intended for contractors performing grading, leveling, filling, drainage, paving, pipe installation and other types of construction work on highways. This bond allows a construction company to avoid constantly obtaining a singular permit and bond as they consistently perform work for the State of Oregon. 

How Does the Bond Get Filed with the Oregon Department of Transportation?

With Jet the bond will be sent directly to the ODOT for you. Other carriers leave it to third party agents to file the bond and they will generally leave that responsibility to you. They may even tack fees on top of the premium to handle and ship a piece of paper.

You will receive a bond copy immediately following purchase along with the receipt available to save or print.

Should you want to send the original Highway Permit Bond with other permit application paperwork, just click that option at checkout. The bond form is sent to the following address:

Oregon Department of Transportation
Maintenance & Operations Branch
455 Airport Road SE, Building K
Salem, OR 97301-4798

How To Avoid Any Issue With the Highway Permit Bond?

The Oregon State Statutes (ORS Chapter 105) goes into great detail on the standards and requirements for various highway work and programs. Whether performing construction or adopting a highway there are rules to follow. Applicants should read through and abide by the statutes and regulations governing their activities. Below are some other areas of concern a highway permit holder may need to be aware of:

The ODOT wants to ensure that what work or activity is permitted will follow the permit they signed off on and that the public highway will be left in a condition that is equal to or better than that of the highway before work began.

State departments, like ODOT, will give a permitted person or company a chance to rectify any damages created or anticipated delays. It is up to the permit holder to abide or face growing consequences that may include a claim on the permit bond.

I May be Getting a Claim on My Permit Bond, What Now?

The first thing to do is notify Jet. Our goal is to provide our customers with the necessary tools and defense to steer clear of bonding issues. However, in the case of the Oregon Highway Permit Bond, the claim will be coming from the Oregon Department of Transportation who the bond is providing a guarantee to and not some public party. If a claim comes from the ODOT there is little Jet can do, but abide by their determination which was most likely made after their own investigation and mediation. 

Should the claim be valid Jet will make a payment to the ODOT for the claim amount, not to exceed the bond limit. In the case of surety bonds the permit holder is not absolved of the damages created and will need to reimburse the surety company (Jet). Think of the permit bond like a personal guarantee from Jet to the State of Oregon declaring the permit holder is fit to perform the work. Should the permit holder fail their obligation, they still remain responsible for their actions.

How Does the Permit Bond Application Process Work With Jet? 

The application and purchase can be done completely online in minutes. Simply enter some basic information including the section of highway in question along with the social security number of the permit holder (owner), enter payment information and receive the bond and receipt of purchase. A soft credit check is required as part of the underwriting process and will not affect the credit of the applicant.

Other surety companies will take days to complete the application process. With Jet you are permitted to not waste your time.


What Is the Purpose of the Oregon Highway Permit Bond? 

This bond exists as a guarantee that public highways will remain in good condition after construction or use beyond its intended purpose. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation exists to build and maintain Oregon’s transportation system and the Maintenance and Operations Division is tasked with the well being of the highways. Whether construction or some miscellaneous work is being performed on the highway the ODOT must ensure the freeway returns to its original condition or better.

The Highway Permit Surety Bond provided by Jet gives them a guarantee, should the permit holder fail in their commitment, then Jet will provide the necessary support to fulfill the obligation.

When Does the Highway Permit Bond Obligation End?

The Highway Permit Bond is intended to cover the permitted work. Once the work is completed, Jet will seek a release of liability from the ODOT. 

Should the permitted work extend beyond the term of the bond, the bond will need to be renewed and extra premium collected for the additional time necessary. 

Can I Cancel the Highway Permit Bond?

The permit holder, nor Jet, can cancel the bond. Only the Oregon Department of Transportation can release Jet and the permit holder from the obligation of the permit, thus cancelling the bond.

Are There Other Bonds That I Might Need? 

Contractors working on highways may be working on other roads around Oregon and may find themselves needed to procure other permit bonds. Below is a list of these bonds:

Also, contractors in Oregon are required to carry a Contractor License Bond. Jet provides all these bonds for the construction industry in Oregon.


Oregon Highway Permit Bond Form