Salem Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond

Salem Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond

The Street or Easement Opening Blanket bond is required by the City of Salem Public Works Department (PWD) for individuals performing work on public streets or alleyways in the amount of $5,000. The bond is a financial guarantee that the work will be completed in a timely manner and the street will be restored to its prior condition or better. 


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What Does the City of Salem Street/Easement Opening Blanket Bond Cost? 

The cost of the Street or Easement Opening Bond is $100. Your bond will be issued online in minutes. An original copy of the bond will be mailed to you to sign and file with the Public Works Department in Salem.

Salem Street/Easment Opening Blanket Bond Cost
term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

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What Is the Purpose of the Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond?

The purpose of the street or easement opening bond is to protect Salem in the event that work performed on the public streets is not restored to the original condition or better once completed. The Public Works Department requires this bond as a form of protection in the event compliance is failed to be met within the confines of the Salem Revised Code. It is a prerequisite for any before beginning street or easement opening job with the City of Salem.

The contractor is responsible for maintaining and ensuring removal of all excess debris, replacement of pavement, and restoration of landscaping. If these requirements are not met the City of Salem can take action on the bond to recoup the cost if the contractor does not take responsibility for damages.

How Is the Bond Filed With the City of Salem?

The Public Works Department requires the original bond form be signed by the Jet and the contractor before being submitted to the City of Salem Public Works Department. If your bond is needed quickly, you may select overnight shipping during the checkout process. 

The bond is required to be filed with the City of Salem Public Works Department at the following location:

Development Services Section-Public Works Department
555 Liberty Street SE, Room 325 
Salem, Oregon 97301-3513

Can I Cancel the Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond?

The Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond cancellation request must come from Jet to the city. Typically, Jet needs to obtain a release from the City of Salem before the bond is cancelled. Once the permit is accepted by the City, the contractor would not be able to cancel the bond and get a refund.

How Do I Avoid Claims on My Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond?

By following the permit conditions and Salem’s municipal code, contractors will not run into any issues. Below are several ways a contractor could find themselves in violation: 

The public works director would bring any complaint directly to the contractor who would be responsible to rectify the damages caused. Should the contractor not abide by the demands of the director, the director may take further action, including but not limited to, a claim on the bond.

What Happens If I Get a Bond Claim?

As soon as Jet receives notification of a claim on your bond from the City of Salem, we will send notice to you. It is important for you to provide all information you have relating to the incident(s), as Jet will follow all requirements set forth in the Oregon Statutes to ensure you are protected. 

If the claim proves to be legitimate, Jet will be required to pay the City of Salem up to the $5,000 limit of the bond. Surety bonds are not like insurance, as the bond protects the public or the governing entity rather than the coverage holder. The contractor is ultimately responsible for their actions and are still liable to the Surety in the event of a bond claim payout. Think of it as a letter of credit extending to you by Jet guaranteeing to Salem you are going to manage your business lawfully.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

Jet takes pride in making the application process easy to complete! Our online process is completed within minutes. The application only requires a few simple questions to be answered regarding your business. 


Jet will promptly send you the bond form to be filed with the Director of the Public Works Department. If you need expedited shipping, you can choose that option prior to checkout. 

Does the Street or Easement Bond Need to Be Renewed?

Not with Jet! Other carriers may require contractors to renew their permit bond if the project goes over one year. Jet locks you until the completion of the project.

Are There Other Bonds Needed for This Permit?

For any licensed contractor in Oregon the Construction Contractors Board requires a contractor license bond in order to be licensed. There are several other permit bonds required in Portland, Pendleton, Gresham, Crook County, Multnomah County, and Washington County. Before starting work in those cities and counties be sure that you have met the proper permit requirements.

Salem Street or Easement Opening Blanket Bond Form