Oregon Crook County Road Permit Bond

Oregon - Crook County Road Permit Bond

Crook County requires contractors to obtain a Road Permit Bond when construction is performed along a right-of-way location on their county roads. The Road Department will also require the contractors to secure a permit pursuant to Oregon Statutes ORS 374.305 to 374.325. The bond guarantees the project will be completed on time and that the contractor will not cause any unresolved damage to the roads, endanger the public or workers during construction, or cause increased maintenance costs for the county. 


The Road Permit Bond will need to be submitted with the required permit application. This bond is immediately available with Jet after purchase and only takes a few minutes to apply for. 

How Much Do Road Permit Bonds in Crook County Cost?

The County of Crook Road Permit Bond cost will depend on the permit amount, and with Jet rates start at only $100. The bond rates will go up to conform with the required bonding amounts and are dependent on the contractors personal credit. Below are examples of the permit bond rates for contractors with preferred credit scores.

Crook County Road Permit Bond Cost
bond limit Cost
$10,000 $100
$25,000 $250
$50,000 $375

Jet cuts out middlemen such as brokers and agents who will require contractors to go through a multi-step process in order to obtain this bond. With Jet, we work directly with contractors to offer quick service and low rates.

How Does the Road Permit Bond Get Filed With Crook County?

Crook County requires the original bond form to be sent in with the permit application. The full permit application will need to be approved before any road work can begin. Jet will send the original signed and sealed bond form to the contractor for a signature. The contractor will then need to sign the bond form and send it to the following address with their completed permit application:

Crook County Road Department
1306 N. Main Street
Prineville, OR 97754

What Is the Purpose of This Bond?

The Crook County Road Department has a staff of multiple people who oversee engineering, maintenance, and repair services for the county road network. Anytime a contractor needs to perform work within a public right-of-way location, the Road Department will require a right-of-way permit to be secured. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that permit regulations such as road and safety requirements will be followed and guarantee the County of Crook can financially recover up to the bonding limit should the permitted contractor cause any damages. Should the contractor not resolve any damages they caused, the Surety (Jet) will pay.

How Does a Contractor Avoid a Claim on Their Road Work Permit Bond?

Contractors performing permitted work on roads in the County of Crook will need to abide by a considerable amount of requirements in the Oregon Statutes ORS 374.305 to 374.325 as well as any specifications noted in the right-of-way permit. Contractors should look out for these key areas in order to avoid disciplinary action from the county:

  1. Work in the right-of-way will not constitute a danger to the traveling public or to the individuals performing the work
  2. Work completed will not degrade in any way and cause increased maintenance costs for the county
  3. Follow all county inspector demands throughout the road project
  4. Cause any unresolved damage to the public space
  5. Complete the road work up to all permit, bond and statutes specifications
  6. Complete the work on schedule 

County inspections will be given throughout the road construction project. If the county finds that permit standards are not being met, they can require the contractor to stop progress in order to go back and fix the original problem. With this in mind, it is up to the contractor to abide by all county regulations or face consequences such as increased construction time or even a claim on their bond.

What Will Happen If a Contractor Gets a Bond Claim?

If the County of Crook is given no resolution from contractor violations of the road permit, the county may then file a claim against the Road Permit Bond directly to Jet. While Jet will work hard to defend contractors from claims, it is typically difficult to fight a claim that has been filed from a government agency. Because of this, there isn't much Jet can do besides investigate the validity of the claim and proceed with payment for the claim if justified. 

Jet will proceed by following the guidelines given by the State of Oregon Department of Insurance that lay out how the claim should be handled and what timeline should be followed. This will give Jet a 30-day window to fulfill payment after acceptance of the claim.

The contractor will be responsible for their actions during the road construction project. Because of this, they will then need to proceed with reimbursing Jet for the payout of the bond. Think of the Jet as providing you a letter of credit that you need to demonstrate to the County of Crook that it’s safe to provide you with a permit for work on public spaces. Failure to repay a Surety will result in difficulties to obtain surety bonds for future work.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

Contractors applying for a Road Permit bond will need to provide Jet with some basic information and payment of the bond. This process will only take a few minutes online. Once this has been completed, Jet will send the original signed and sealed bond form to the address provided for the contractor to file with their permit application.


Does the Road Permit Bond Expire? 

The bond is term is one year from the permit activation date and will be allotted an extension until completion and acceptance of the work by the Crook County Road Department. Whichever scenario that comes later will be the chosen process. Any further extensions will need to be made by Jet before the original term of the bond expires. Jet will not require additional payment for the bond to remain in effect.

Can the Bond Be Cancelled?

The bond can only be cancelled before permitted work begins. Jet can refund the premium payment and cancel the bond once the County of Crook has released Jet’s liability. Otherwise the bond cannot be cancelled and the bond premium payment will not be refunded. There is a one year warranty period following the completion of work. Contractors remain liable during that period as does the bond originally issued for the permit.

Are There Other Bonds That Contractors in Crook County Will Need? 

Yes, Oregon requires contractors to have a surety bond in order to be licensed. You can find this on the Construction Contractors Board online page. The Crook County Right-of-Way permit also requires that contractors obtain Commercial General Liability Insurance. This must be sent in with your permit application and can be found in the permit application packet.


Oregon Crook County Road Permit Bond Form