Oregon Disseminator Bond

Oregon Disseminator Bond 

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires a $25,000 Disseminator Bond for persons or businesses that sell or distribute information to a person permitted by the DMV. The bond serves as a protection for the public that the disseminator will not distribute information to unauthorized sources. 


With Jet, you can be sure that you are getting the best price for your Disseminator Bond. Jet cuts out brokers and agents to save you money and time during your bond purchase. 

What Is The Cost for the Disseminator Bond?

The Disseminator Bond can be purchased through Jet for as low as $50 monthly or $500 annually. The rates offered below must be approved by a personal credit check and may vary based on financial strength. Jet will always work to offer you the best rate possible; we focus on cutting down unnecessary costs (no broker fees and commissions at Jet) to keep the cost of the bond down.

Disseminator Bond Cost
Term Cost
Monthly $50
1 Year $500
2 Years $875

Jet will provide an approved rate shortly after you complete the application. Other companies that can take several days to review your application and go through underwriting. 

Can Jet File the Disseminator Bond For Me?

Yes! Once you pay for the Disseminator Bond, Jet will take care of the bond filing for you. Another advantage of Jet is saving you time and money even after you purchased your bond. Other carriers will mail the bond to you, charging you for shipping fees, and you will still have to ship the bond to be filed. Our team will complete the bond form and send it directly to the DMV. 

If the original bond is needed to send in with additional paperwork to the DMV, Jet can send the bond to you. Once you have collected all necessary paperwork, you can mail it to: 

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles
1905 Lana Ave NE 
Salem, OR 97314

Can My Disseminator Bond Be Cancelled Early?

Yes: if there comes a time when you need to cancel the Disseminator Bond, contact Jet to process your request. Our team will end the bond and notify the DMV that the bond is no longer active. During this time, Jet will calculate your refund for your yearly term, taking into account only the time that was used on the bond. Other companies use cancellation to withhold commissions and fees from your refund; Jet never adds on cancellation fees and doesn’t take commissions in the first place.

Monthly payments are even simpler to cancel. Since each payment keeps the bond in effect, you just need to notify Jet that you wish to cancel and our team will end the payments and bond the same day. However, keep in mind that a missed payment may lead to early cancellation. 

How To Prevent Disseminator Bond Claims

The Disseminator Bond acts as a guarantee that you will follow the provisions of the contract made with the DMV in protecting the information that was entrusted to you. The best way to avoid claims is by upholding the requirements of who you distribute the information to, which can be found in Oregon Revised Statutes 802.179. Mainly, the disseminator’s contract will limit the sharing of information by:

If these aspects of the contract are violated, a claim can be filed against the bond by the DMV or the person whose records are released. However, a person whose information was released can file for a civil suit per ORS 802.191 against the person who has gathered or used his or her information in an unauthorized way. A civil suit may be pursued before or instead of filing a claim on the bond. 

What Happens If I Get A Bond Claim?

When a claim is submitted against you, Jet will do everything possible to avoid the accusation from going further. Our team will investigate to test whether the claim is valid. Usually, the investigation takes about 45 days or less. If the DMV filed the claim, usually the investigation is concluded faster, since they likely had their own investigation before filing a claim against the bond. If the claim is proved valid, Jet will pay the claimant to accomodate for the damages, up to the full amount of the bond. Since the claim comes from failure to uphold the contract made with the DMV, you are still responsible for paying Jet back for the amount that was paid out in the claim. 

Why Is The Disseminator Bond Required?

The DMV needs a bond to be filed by a disseminator as a guarantee that the disseminator will uphold the contract. The distribution of personal information is prohibited per ORS 802.177, with exemptions listed in ORS 802.197. Under the contract, the disseminator is only allowed to release individual records of personal information to authorized persons or government agencies. The DMV provides the following personal information to a disseminator: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Driver license, identification card, or driver permit number

Exemptions can be legal obligations and news media under specific circumstances, for example. Additionally, the DMV must also approve the release of individual records and the disseminator may need to delay the release for up to two days for those requesting information that are not subscribers. 

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

Buying your Disseminator Bond with Jet is the quickest way to take care of the bonding requirement. Our online application guides you through inputting necessary business and personal information. Although the application must be submitted to underwriting, Jet will offer a rate that is available to purchase online. Once you receive your approved rate, you can purchase your bond right away and have Jet take care of the rest!


Does the Disseminator Bond Expire?

Yes; the Disseminator Bond goes into effect the same day as the contract with the DMV and expires one year after the contract is over. The bond may be renewed as needed to accomodate for the length of the contract.

How Does the Disseminator Bond Renew?

The Disseminator Bond is continuous in nature but must be renewed for the length of the contract established with the DMV. Once the original bond term is ending, Jet will send out a renewal notice. Simply click the link in your emailed notice to keep your bond running or return the mailed notice to Jet. Either process takes just one minute to complete the renewal and send it off. 

For monthly payments, renewals are automatic. As long as there is a valid card on file, Jet will keep your bond in effect as long as you need it. 

Oregon Disseminator Bond Form