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Oregon Finance Bonds

Oregon finance and insurance-related businesses are often required to secure a license bond to operate. These businesses include real estate companies, debt collectors, and mortgage services required by entities such as the Department of Consumers and Business Services (DCBS). Jet provides bonds directly, eliminating broker fees and allowing businesses to get coverage efficiently. 

Real Estate and Mortgage Bonds

Mortgage Lender 

The Mortgage Lender Bond is a prerequisite to being licensed as a mortgage broker, banker, and/or lender, by the Oregon DCBS.

Mortgage Servicer Mortgage Servicer

Mortgage servicers must obtain a Mortgage Services Surety Bond prior to servicing residential mortgage loans in Oregon which is enforced by the DCBS.

Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond Manufactured Home

The DCBS requires a $40,000 Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond or $15,000 Limited Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond to be licensed.

Appraisal Management Company Appraisal Management

Appraisal management companies must secure an Appraisal Management Bond through the Oregon Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board.

Escrow Agent Escrow Agent

The State of Oregon Real Estate Agency requires all escrow agents to hold a surety bond to become and maintain an escrow agent license.

Real Estate Marketing Real Estate Marketing

A $35,000 surety bond is a licensing requirement for real estate marketing organizations in the State of Oregon.


Sales Tax Bonds

Highway Use Tax

Highway Use Tax Bond for motor carriers and trucking operations as required by the Oregon DOT to guarantee tax payments. 

Liquor Tax Bond Liquor Sales Tax

Liquor Control Commission Bond required for licensed shipping, warehouse, brewery, winery, distribution and wholesale operations.

Cigarette Bond Cigarette/Tobacco Tax

Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Sales Tax Bond required by the Oregon Department of Revenue for licensed tobacco distributors.

Tobacco Manufacturer

The DOJ requires nonparticipating manufacturers (NPM) of tobacco products to file a surety bond. The limit is based on the escrow due for the past 12 calendar quarters, with a minimum limit of $25,000.

Financial Management Bonds

Investment Adviser BondInvestment Adviser 

A $10,000 Investment Adviser Bond, enforced by the DCBS, is needed by state investment advisers to get and maintain the license. 

Life Settlement Provider BondLife Settlement Provider 

The DCBS enforces all life settlement providers to secure a $100,000 surety bond to conduct business in the state of Oregon.

Debt Management Service Provider BondDebt Management  

The DCBS requires debt management service providers to get and maintain a $25,000 bond to provide services in Oregon.

Other Finance Bonds

Collection Agency

The $10,000 Collection Agency Bond is enforced by the DCBS. A $15,000 bond is needed for agencies operating without a physical location in the state.

Money Transmitter

The DCBS regulates money transmission services in Oregon by requiring a surety bond for money transmitters.

Self-Insured Employer

Certified Self-Insured Employer Bond required by the DCBS for business who self-insure as opposed to purchasing workers comp from a third party.

Unemployment Comp

Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund Bond required by the Oregon Employment Department for non-profits that do not pay unemployment insurance tax.

Employer Welfare

The Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Bond is a more convenient way to meet the DCBS' requirement to guarantee your obligations will be fulfilled, rather than depositing $250,000 directly to the DCBS.


Legal Expense

The Legal Expense Organization Qualifying Bond is a requirement by the DCBS for legal firms offering legal access or comprehensive plans.


Pawnbrokers in Oregon must file a surety bond with the DCBS in order to do pawnbroker business in the state.

SAIF Workers Comp

SAIF Workers Compensation Employers Bond required by the State Accident Fund Corporation for non-profits who find it difficult to receive coverage.

Tobacco Manufacturer

Tobacco Manufacturers who do not participate in the Master Settlement Agreement will need this bond.