Oregon Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond

Oregon Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond

The Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) requires a $40,000 Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond or a $15,000 Limited Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond for those selling, distributing, or leasing dwellings, such as a mobile home, manufactured home, or residential trailer. The bond serves to protect against a dealer’s unlawful actions that cause damage to the public.


When manufactured structures dealers have more than one location, the DCBS requires a separate Manufactured Structures Dealers Bond and licensed to be filed for each supplemental location. Buy your Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond with Jet to save on your first bond, and on your second or third bond, increasing your savings! 

How Much Does a Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond Cost?

The rates for the $40,000 Manufactured Structure Dealer Bond starts at $300 yearly and $30 monthly. The $15,000 bond starts at $113 annually. The rate for the bond is based on the business owners personal credit. Our prices below for the bond are not a guarantee of bonding and are indicative of our preferred credit tier which most will qualify for.

Oregon Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond Cost
Bond Limit Monthly Annual
$40,000 $30 $300
$15,000 (Limited Dealer) $11 $113

When you decide to purchase your bond through Jet, you’ll be saving yourself time and money. Jet works directly with you, foregoing the typical broker/agent model that other insurance companies use. Our goal is to cut out the middleman, and in turn, cut out their commissions and fees. 

What Is the Difference Between Manufactured Structures Dealers and Limited Manufactured Structures Dealers?

Manufactured structures dealers are free to sell or lease any number of units and limited manufactured structures dealers can only sell 10 units within a year. Usually, mobile home park owners must obtain a limited manufactured structure license to have the ability to buy and sell any dwellings (such as a mobile home, manufactured home, or residential trailer) within their property. Limited manufactured structures dealers must submit an application, a bond, and pay fees in order to receive their license and subsequent renewals. Limited licenses are only valid for 2 years and must be renewed.

Why Does the DCBS Require a Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond? 

The Department of Consumer and Business Services regulates the licensing and bonding of manufactured structures dealers to prevent the public from being harmed by the dealers unlawful actions. The DCBS sets the standard for dealer behavior through Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 446. The Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond enforces these regulations by ensuring that the dealer does not act fraudulently and follows the provisions regarding manufactured structure dealers and dealerships, transfers of interests in manufactured structures, and moving or altering manufactured structures. 

Can Jet File the Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond For Me?

Yes! When you choose Jet for your Manufactured Structures Dealer, you are getting the best-in-class filing process. Once purchased, Jet will complete the bond form as required by the DCBS and send the original bond copy to be filed with the DCBS Division of Financial Regulation. 

When compared to how easy Jet makes it to file a bond, other surety companies pale in comparison. Once you make payment, they send the bond to you, putting the responsibility of filing on your shoulders. This extra step not only takes additional time before your bond is filed, but the surety will charge you shipping fees for the bond to arrive to you. And, you’re still accountable for sending in the bond to the DCBS. Jet minimizes your costs by skipping all these steps and files your bond for you right away when you purchase.

If you need the original bond for filing with your initial manufactured structures dealer license, Jet can mail the bond to you. All licensing paperwork can be mailed to: 

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Fiscal Services
P.O. Box 14610
Salem, OR 97309

Can I Cancel My Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond? 

Yes; with Jet, we understand that circumstances may make it difficult to continue your business. If a time comes that you do not need the bond anymore, you can contact our office to request cancellation. Once we receive the request, we will send a notice to the DCBS, which will hold the bond in effect for an additional 30 days per regulations. Once the cancellation date has been finalized, Jet will calculate the time that the bond was in effect and refund the remainder of the cost of the bond. 

For example, if the bond was in effect for 6 months when you request cancellation, the DCBS will hold the bond for an additional month. Your calculation will only use that 7 months for the time used on the bond, and the rest is refunded back to you. Jet never withholds commissions or adds on any cancellation fees like other carriers do. You will be charged only for the time that your bond was in effect. 

If you are enrolled in the monthly payment program, cancellation is even simpler. Once you request cancellation with Jet, we will notify the DCBS, beginning the 30 days until the bond is fully cancelled. An additional payment may be required to cover the additional time the bond is in effect. Likewise, since the monthly payments are used to continue your coverage, a payment that cannot be processed cannot continue the bond and will lead to cancellation

How to Prevent Bond Claims

The Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond’s purpose is to protect the public against the dealer acting in a fraudulent way or disobeying the provisions of ORS 446. Claims can be submitted by a customer who has suffered monetary loss due to the manufactured structures dealer violating statutes relating to:

  • Moving or altering manufactured structures
  • Regulating manufactured structure dealers and dealerships
  • Transfering of interests in manufactured structures

The DCBS regulates manufactured structures dealers by fining them for complaints. If a dealer is found to have sold or began the process of selling a manufactured structure, but is also in violation of ORS 446.661–446.756, the department may impose a fine of up to $5,000. By abiding by the DCBS determination and paying any fine, dealer’s will avoid escalation that can lead to a claim on their bond.

What Happens When a Claim Is Filed Against My Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond?

When complaints aren’t taken care of by the dealer, a customer may submit a claim against the bond to account for damages. After the claim is submitted, Jet will respond to the customer and collect information from both the customer and the dealer. The investigation will test the validity of the claim, making sure that our clients are not being falsely accused. Within 45 days, the investigation is usually able to come to a verdict whether the claim is valid. If extra time is needed to complete the investigation, Jet can request to continue the investigation. 

If the claim is proved valid, the customer will be reimbursed for the losses they suffered. The payment can be up to the full limit of the bond to retail customers. Claims filed by a person that is not a retail customer can only be paid up to $20,000. Once the claimant receives their payment from Jet, the dealer is still obligated to repay Jet for the amount that was paid out. 

The manufactured structure dealer is still responsible for their actions and is required to reimburse the Surety (Jet) for any losses. The bond is a financial guarantee like an extension of credit and unlike other types of insurance, must be paid back.


Oregon Manufactured Structures Dealer Bond Form