Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond

Oregon Escrow Agent Bond

The State of Oregon’s Real Estate Agency requires all escrow agents to have an Escrow Agent Bond. The bond ensures that the agent will be compliant with license regulations that fall under Oregon Statutes ORS 696.505 to 696.590 and is a fiscal guarantee against any dishonest activity such as fraud.


If you are looking to apply for or maintain an Escrow Agent License, Jet can help you secure the required accompanying bond quickly and at an affordable rate.

How Much Is an Escrow Agent Bond?

With Jet, Escrow Agent Bond rates start at $188 annually or $19 monthly. The bond rates are determined by the bond limit and the agents personal credit. You can find examples below of preferred credit scores in accordance with their bond limit.

Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond Cost
Bond Limit Monthly Annual
$50,000 $19 $188
$125,000 $47 $469
$250,000 $94 $938

Our monthly rates require no down payment and there is no interest to ensure that the bond will be affordable regardless of your credit. While other surety brokers and agents complicate monthly payments with third party financiers, Jet cuts out those middlemen so that we can offer you the lowest prices in the market. 

You are able to apply, purchase, and have your bond executed instantly online. An original copy can be sent to you quickly if you wish to file directly with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

How Is the Escrow Agent Bond Filed?

The Escrow Agent Bond needs to be filed with the Oregon Real Estate Agency and Jet will file the bond directly for you to the Real Estate Agency. Other surety carriers will send the bond to you to forward to Oregon for filing, causing delays and extra costs.

Escrow agents applying for a new license may file the bond along with their application paperwork. If this is the case, Jet will provide the original bond to you upon request during checkout. The original bond is mailed to the address below:

Real Estate Agency
530 Center Street NE Suite 100
Salem, OR 97301

What Is the Purpose of the License Bond? 

The Oregon Real Estate Agency was created to protect Oregon consumers by regulating real estate transactions and similar financial endeavors. Escrow Agents fall under their jurisdiction as a third party with fiduciary responsibilities in the transfer of real estate properties. The agent is in charge of holding money and documentation until all conditions are met and finalized between the parties. Once the real estate transaction is complete, the agent will deliver the properties withheld in accordance to escrow instructions. 

With legally binding duties, including the holding of funds, Oregon’s Real Estate Agency requires all escrow agents to maintain a license as well as obtain an Escrow Agent Bond. These requirements stand to ensure that agents will be compliant with all Oregon statutes applied to the license, and the bond provides a fiscal guarantee against potential fraud claims.

The bond amount for each Escrow Agent is determined by the Commissioner of the Real Estate Agency. The Commissioner will take into account the agents report for their annual total of client funds and the risk associated with handling such funds as the amounts increase. You can find examples below of annual escrow funds and the corresponding bond amounts. 


Escrow Agent Bond Amounts
Annual escrow client Funds Bond Amount
Less than $30 Millon $50,000
$30 - 60 million $125,000
$60 - 100 million $250,000
$100 - $300 million $375,000
More than $300 million $500,000

How Does an Agent Avoid Claims on the Escrow Agent Bond?

Licensed escrow agents who are performing escrow services and transactions need to abide by the regulations in Oregon Statutes ORS 696.505 to 696.590. There is also an extensive list of laws and rules provided by Oregon’s Real Estate Agency that need to be followed. Below are a few key areas that agents should avoid when practicing such legally binding duties:

  1. Failure to make payment or provide documentation according to the instructed escrow timeline
  2. Knowingly or negligently misrepresent or conceal material facts pertaining to the transaction
  3. Demonstrate bad faith, dishonesty or fraudulent activities

Oregon’s Real Estate Agency Commissioner will be in charge of investigating any accused violations from the public, such as escrow clients, and may enact civil penalties against the agent. These penalties could include minor disciplinary actions such as a warning letter or a small fee paid to the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Serious penalties could include large fees made to the General Fund of the State Treasury, criminal charges if violations are extensive, revocation of the agents license with refusal to ever renew, and a possible claim on their bond.

What Will Happen If the Real Estate Agency Files a Claim Against the Escrow Agent Bond?

The Commissioner will ensue an investigation regarding all violation complaints received from the public. If the complaint proves to be valid, the Commissioner may file a claim on your bond. 

Immediately contact Jet upon receipt of a claim notice from the Commissioner. Jet will then review and thoroughly investigate the details of the accused claim. While Jet works hard to protect escrow agents from claims, there is only so much we can do when the claim comes from a government agency.

Should the claim prove to be justified, Jet will make payment not to exceed the bonding limit. The escrow agent is ultimately responsible for their actions and must reimburse the Surety company (Jet) for paid claims. Failure to do so will result in difficulties to obtain the required Escrow Agent Bond when the yearly renewal of an Escrow Agent License occurs.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet? 

Jet takes pride in making the application process quick and easy! Our online application for the Escrow Agent Bond will ask for some basic agency information along with the owner’s social security number. A soft credit check, which is done in seconds, is required. Once payment has been completed, Jet will send the original bond form out to be filed.


Does the Escrow Agent Bond Expire? 

Other Surety companies will put an expiration on the bond and charge a yearly renewal fee with a raised monthly price. Not with Jet! If you choose to make monthly payments, there is no need for a bond renewal. The bond will remain active so long as you make monthly payments. 

If you choose to make annual payments for the bond, Jet will keep the bond active until you choose to cancel the bond or the Commissioner releases Jet’s liability.

Can I Cancel My Escrow Agent Bond?

Yes! With Jet, you can cancel the bond at any time. Upon receiving your notice, Jet will promptly file a cancellation request to the Oregon Real Estate Agency. If cancellation is accepted, there is a 30-day cancellation period in which the bond will remain active following the date of the written request. If you chose to make monthly payments, Jet does have to charge for that 30-day period as the bond is still active.

The Escrow Agent Bond is a requirement in order to maintain the Escrow Agent License. If the bond is cancelled, the licensee will be in violation of the statutes. A new bond will need to be issued if this occurs, which can be done easily with Jet, in order to later renew the license.

What Else Will an Escrow Agent Need When First Applying for a License? 

The application for the Escrow License is extensive and you will need to follow the steps listed on the Real Estate Agency’s website. If you choose to also offer Title Insurance as an Escrow Agent, then the Division of Financial Regulation has steps that you will need to take in order to do so. Be sure to research all rules and regulations before starting your work as an Escrow Agent.

Oregon Escrow Agent Bond Form