Oregon Construction Bonds

In Oregon construction work is classified and regulated in many different ways. Most classification of contractors need a bond in order to have a license. Certain state, county, city and commercial projects have their own bonding requirements. Jet is the only direct provider of contractor bonds in Oregon saving construction professionals time and money.

Contractor License Bonds

These are some of the most common construction related bonds that contractors may need in Oregon. Select the bond you need.

Contractor License Bond

Residential and Commercial Contractor Bond for all licensed Oregon Contractors required by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

Home Inspector Bond

The Construction Contractors Board required home inspectors to be licensed and hold a Home Inspector License Surety Bond.

Sewage Disposal

Sewage Disposal Service Installer and Pumper License Bond for sewage services licensed by the Oregon Dept of Environmental Quality.

Restricted Residential

Locksmith, Inspector, Home Service, Energy Performance Score Service and Residential Restoration Contractor $10,000 License Bond.

Landscape Contractor

The Oregon Landscape Contractors Board required Landscaping License Bond for various landscaping specialties.

Water Well Constructor

The Oregon Water Resources Department required Water Well Constructor Bond for contractors and landowners.

Developer License

$20,000 Residential and Commercial Developers License Bond for developers licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

Construction Permit and Other Bonds

Oregon has several other constructed related bonds to select from either required by a specific county or permit. Other bonding requirements defy classification, but are still related to the construction industry.

Permit Bonds

Permit Bonds are required to perform certain work for the state, county or city ranging from work on highways, roads to surface mining.

Other Construction Bonds

With the most varied set of requirements needed, contractors can find any surety bond need here at Jet. If not listed above check here.