Florida Surety Bonds

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Florida Surety Bonds

Bond Categories

Construction bonds are a common license or permit requirement, whether enforced by the state, a union, a city, a county, or another entity. Find your Florida construction-related bond here.

Several financial and insurance professions require a surety bond, including public adjusters, credit service organizations, money transmitters, collection agencies, and more.

Motor vehicle dealers, excess size & weight permit holders, and mobile home dealers are among those who must hold a surety bond to do transportation related business in Florida.

In Florida, the Fuel Tax Bond, Sales and Use Tax Bond, Liquor/Alcohol Tax Bond, Tobacco Tax Bond and Fuel Tax are the tax-related bonds required.

Administrators/executors and conservators/guardians are often mandated to purchase a surety bond. Plaintiffs and defendants in court cases may also need a bond, depending on the scenario.

If you are a medicaid provider, run a nursing home or assisted living facility, or distribute wholesale prescription drugs, you'll likely need to be licensed and hold a surety bond in Florida.

There are several waste bond requirements from waste hauling to waste disposal which are regulated at a city or county level.

Whether dealing ag products, planting non-native species or selling hunting and fishing licenses, Florida will need a surety bond before you can conduct certain businesses.

ERISA, Employee Dishonesty, Janitorial Service, and Business Service Bonds offer financial protection to the business when it has sustained losses due to an employee's deceptive acts.

Florida notaries need to file a $7,500 Notary Bond to legally operate in the state.

Although most bonds fall under the above categories, some do not, including lottery retailers/vendors, consignment shops, travel agents, public officials, and more.

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State Bond Information

The Sunshine State has over 150 bond requirements for several industries and professions. The purpose of surety bonds enforced within Florida is to provide financial security for the state and its population.

As a third-party surety carrier, Jet Insurance Company not only services surety bonds but provides compensation to financially harmed individuals or entities if a regulated person or business creates financial damages while operating. Financially Responsible Officers, for example, are required to pay their employees. Failing to do so can result in a bond claim (or multiple) for which the employees would receive reimbursement up to the bond limit. Read our Surety Bond Claims Guide for more information on this process.

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Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Florida (Certificate of Authority #38373).

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