Rhode Island Surety Bonds

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Rhode Island Surety Bond

Bond Categories

Fidelity Bonds may be purchased by various business types including cleaning and janitorial services, financial institutions, and businesses offering employee benefit plans.

A Union Bond (Welfare Bond) may be required by certain local unions if you are looking to hire laborers. This guarantees laborers are paid the wages they are owed.

Court Bonds for plaintiffs and defendants may be required when going through certain processes. Replevin bonds, appeal bonds, and lien bonds are examples of court bonds.

Probate Bonds (Fiduciary Bonds) are sometimes required by a court or within a will for a person making financial and/or medical decisions on behalf of another. These can be for administrators or executors, conservators or guardians, and trustees.

State Bond Information

There are over 175 surety bond requirements in the state of Rhode Island. Surety bonds reassure regulatory agencies that should things go awry when doing business with a regulated individual or business (principal) there is restitution available to those financially harmed.

Let's say a motorcycle dealer sells a bike to a customer that knowingly has defects without disclosing the details to the customer. The customer could file a claim on the dealer's license bond. Jet, as the surety company, would make a payment to the customer, up to the bond limit, and the motorcycle dealer would be liable to pay Jet back for the total amount. Read more in our Surety Bond Claims Guide.

With Jet, you can go through the application, get a quote, and purchase your bond within minutes. There are only a few scenarios where underwriter review is required—think large limit bonds (over $100,000) and risky bond types (like probate bonds). Eliminating middlemen brokers and agents allows us to offer convenient monthly payments and file the bond for you when applicable.

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