North Carolina Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are utilized by various regulators before a company or individual can become licensed or pursue a task. With Jet, you can purchase your bond in minutes. Start saving on your surety need now.

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North Carolina Surety Bond

Bond Categories

Various NC government entities require surety bonds for construction work. Contractor bonds are needed for licenses, permits, and contracts.

Auto dealers, commercial drivers, and other vehicle and transportation-related licensees need a surety bond.

Court and probate bonds are needed for plaintiffs and defendants, personal representatives, and fiduciaries.

Bonds for businesses including as mortgage brokers/lenders, pawnbrokers, and collection agencies.

Employee Dishonesty, Business Service, Janitorial Service, and ERISA Bonds.

Cigarette/tobacco tax businesses, alcoholic beverage wholesalers/importers, and liquor transportation companies require sales tax bonds.

Post secondary schools, barber and cosmetology schools, real estate schools, and private proprietary schools are required to obtain a license bond.

Bonds needed for those doing environmental reclamation work, various contractors performing permit work, and anyone opening a landfill credit account.

Some bonds have their own rules and cannot be categorized with others such as Solicitor, Agriculture/Fish & Game, Utility Deposit, and Environmental/Reclamation bonds.

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State Bond Information

In North Carolina, there are 117 surety bonding requirements that individuals and businesses must comply with. 98 different government departments, agencies, commissions, counties, and cities regulate various industries and operations within the state and use the surety bond as a tool to protect North Carolina's exquisite landscape and people.

As a surety company, Jet provides the bond as a guarantee of compensation should a principal (the one holding the bond) fail to act in accordance with their contract, license, permit, etc. For example, if an appraisal management company influences a real estate appraisal through extortion, a claim could be filed to recover any financial damage done up to the bond limit. Jet would make the claim payout and it would then be up to the appraisal management company to restore their bond to its full capacity by paying Jet back. Read more details about claims in our Surety Bond Claims Guide.

Jet's application was created to make the bond process as simple and quick as possible. You can apply for your bond in minutes, oftentimes with the option to purchase your bond at the end. With our comprehensive database of North Carolina surety bonds, you are sure to find the bond you need.

By going direct with Jet, you eliminate agents and brokers (middlemen) and gain access to a convenient monthly payment option as well as low annual and multi-year rates.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in North Carolina (License #113535).

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