North Carolina Lost Title Bond

The Lost Title Bond is required by the North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) when ownership of a vehicle cannot be verified. The bond amount is set by the NCDMV in an amount that is one and a half times the value of the vehicle. The Lost Title Bond is held as a protection for the public against fraudulent claims of ownership. Other names for the Lost Title Bond include the Certificate of Title Bond or the Indemnity Bond.

Before a Lost Title Bond can be purchased, an Affidavit of Facts must be filled out and the vehicle must be inspected and assigned a value by the DMV.


Buying your Lost Title Bond with Jet Insurance Company means that you won’t have to deal with any middlemen. Our team works directly with you, avoiding any unnecessary fees from a third party.

How Much Does a Lost Title Bond Cost in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the price of the Lost Title Bond starts at $100 for three years of coverage but will vary if the bond limit required exceeds $15,000. The bond limit must be one and one-half times the value given to the vehicle from an inspection by an official NCDMV inspector. Bonds limits above $15,000 must go through a more in-depth process called underwriting, but Jet will deliver an approved rate upon reviewing the application. 

Can Jet File the Lost Title Bond For Me?

Yes! After the bond has been purchased, Jet takes care of filling out the original bond, attaching the power of attorney, and mailing it directly to the NCDMV to be filed immediately. Jet ships the bond free of charge, unlike other surety companies.

In case you have other paperwork to submit to the NCDMV, Jet’s online bond process gives the option to have the bond sent to you directly.

Once all paperwork has been completed, mail it to the following address:

Division of Motor Vehicles
3148 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27697-3148

Why Is the Lost Title Bond Required?

The NCDMV enforces regulations to ensure the safety of the public when purchasing a vehicle. One of these regulations is the Lost Title Indemnity Bond, which protects any prior and future owners of the vehicle from financial damages that occur if the current bonded title is fraudulently acquired.

Once the bond has been issued, the owner will receive a bonded title from the NCDMV that is a valid way to show ownership. The bond is active for three years, giving ample time for any person who has legal proof of ownership to claim the vehicle. 

The DMV will accept a bonded title in most cases, except for vehicles:

How to Get a Bonded Title

Before a Lost Title Bond can be issued, the NCDMV must receive certain documentation and proof that the vehicle is eligible for such a title. There are certain situations where a Lost Title Bond is not accepted by the NCDMV, so it is important to understand the bond requirements before applying.

The DMV must receive the required documents for the issuance of a title by a Lost Title Bond in the following order:

Step One: An Affidavit of Facts (Form MVR-92H) must be completed and signed before a notary. 

Step Two: A report of inspection (LT-270) of the vehicle must be completed by a NCDMV License and Theft Bureau Inspector, verifying that the vehicle is operable. The report will be provided by the inspector to be submitted to the DMV.

Step Three: A value must be assigned to the vehicle, either by a license plate agency or by contacting the NCDMV Customer Contact Center for the current Value Schedule at (919) 715-7000. If the vehicle is not found in the Value Schedule, the vehicle must be evaluated by two North Carolina vehicle dealers and the value shall be the higher estimate. The value of the vehicle must be indicated on the dealer’s letterhead and shall accompany the bond. 

Step Four: A Lost Title Indemnity Bond, must be filed in an amount of one and one-half times the value (or highest value) given to the vehicle. The bond must be held in a limit of at least $100. 

Step Five: An application for Title (Form MVR-1) must have identical information to the above forms and signed before a notary. 

Step Six: The Highway Use Tax (3% of vehicle value) and Title Fee ($52) must be paid at the time the title is issued. 

Can I Cancel My Lost Title Bond and Get a Refund?

No, a Lost Title Indemnity Bond cannot be cancelled. The bond must be held for three years as a way to prevent fraudulent ownership claims. The NCDMV holds this bond to provide ample time for any rightful owners to dispute the bonded title. 

However, the lost title bond will no longer be required if the vehicle’s registration is surrendered to the NCDMV and the vehicle is no longer registered in North Carolina.

What Happens If I Receive a Title Dispute?

During the time that the Lost Title Bond is active, a person who has evidence of ownership can file for a title dispute to determine to whom the vehicle legally belongs to. If this occurs, Jet will begin an investigation and gather any evidence of ownership from both parties. If the dispute reveals that the bonded vehicle title was issued to an unlawful owner, leading to financial damages, the innocent party can make a claim on the bond to receive compensation. Jet will pay the claim up to the full limit of the bond, but you are still liable for paying Jet back in the amount of the claim. The bond, acting as an extension of credit, makes sure that the injured party is reimbursed right away, but ultimately, you are held financially responsible for your actions.

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

Once you have had your vehicle inspected and appraised, you can apply for a Lost Title Bond with Jet. The application process takes only a few minutes to submit vehicle and ownership information. Bonds under $15,000 will be available for purchase immediately. Bonds over a $15,000 limit will go to underwriting and, once approved, a rate will be provided for online purchase.


Do I Need to Renew the Lost Title Bond?

No, the Lost Title Indemnity Bond will be in effect for three years and is not required past three years.

Does the Lost Title Bond Expire?

Yes, the DMV will keep the Lost Title Indemnity Bond in effect for three years. After the three years, there is no obligation to keep the bond active.

North Carolina Lost Title Bond Form