North Carolina Transportation Bonds

Several transportation-related businesses in North Carolina must obtain a license bond prior to operating. Various state departments, including the Department of Transportation, regulate different license and tax requirements for fuel, vehicle, and other transportation businesses through bonding. Jet gives business and individuals the opportunity to work directly with the insurance company to eliminate broker fees and provide an efficient process.

Motor Vehicle Bonds

Lost Title (indemnity)

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles requires this bond when proof of vehicle ownership cannot be provided.

Motor Vehicle Dealer

$50,000 bond submitted to the DMV for all auto dealers in the state prior to becoming licensed and to maintain an active status.

Fuel Tax Bonds

Motor Fuel Tax

License bond for motor fuel sellers to ensure payments and reports are submitted to the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

Overweight Permit

Required for truckers hauling oversize/overweight loads across North Carolina highways and roads.

Liquor Transportation

The DOT requires individuals transporting spirituous liquor across the state's roads/highways to obtain a permit and bond.

Freight Broker Bonds

Freight Broker

$75,000 bond for freight brokers and freight forwarders overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Transportation Broker

License bond for motor carriers of passengers in the amount of $5,000, filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

Other Transportation-Related Bonds

Commercial Driving School

$10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 bond depending on your license classification with the North Carolina DMV.

Motor Club

Motor Club Licensees must secure a $50,000 surety bond to get and maintain active license status with the NCDOI.

Third Party CDL Testing

Third Party Commercial Driver License Testing Centers are obligated to carry a $30,000 bond with the Department of Transportation.