North Carolina Liquor Transportation Bond

North Carolina Liquor Transportation Bond

The $1,000 Transportation of Spirituous Liquor Bond, also known as the Liquor Transportation Bond, is a permit requirement for motor carriers transporting alcoholic beverages. The bond must be turned in to the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission as a guarantee that liquor transporters will lawfully transport and deliver liquor into, within, and through North Carolina.


Purchase your Liquor Transportation Bond for as low as $10 a month! Jet’s exclusive monthly payment plan makes it easier for you to buy your bond.

What Is the Lowest Price for the Liquor Transportation Bond?

The cost of the bond starts at $10 each month but can be purchased by the year as well. The annual rates range from $100 to $125. Most applicants will qualify for the $100 rate, but rates are determined by underwriting, taking personal credit into account. The chart below shows preferred pricing for each payment option.

Liquor Transportation Bond Cost
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

Jet doesn’t use outside brokers or agents so you don’t have to worry about extra fees or commissions increasing your bond price. Jet cuts out the middleman to make sure you get the best deal.

How to File the Liquor Transportation Bond

After you have purchased your Liquor Transportation Bond, Jet will complete the original bond with a signature and surety seal. Then, Jet will send the bond to you to sign and submit to the ABC Commission. If you are also submitting a license application, the original bond can be submitted along with the application.

Once the bond has been signed, you may send the original form and any other documents to:

North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
4307 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27610

Can I Cancel My Liquor Transportation Bond and Get a Refund?

Yes! If you need to cancel your Liquor Transportation Bond, Jet will notify the ABC Commission of the cancellation and provide you with a refund for any unused portion of the bond. Jet doesn’t hold onto any minimum earned premiums or broker cancellation fees. The Commission holds the bond in effect for another 30 days before the cancellation is final and this time will be calculated as part of the time used on the bond.

If you were enrolled in the monthly payment plan, Jet will notify the ABC Commission of the cancellation right away. Since the Commission keeps the bond in effect for another 30 days, an additional payment may be required for the coverage during that time.

How Does a Principal Avoid Bond Claims?

The Liquor Transportation Bond serves the purpose of enforcing regulations for the transport of spirituous liquor under Section 18B-1115 of the General Statutes. Lawful transportation of liquor includes:

The best way to avoid bond claims is to follow the permit and license regulations listed above and any other statutes regarding the transport of liquor. The Commission may take administrative action for any violations of the ABC laws in accordance with General Statutes 18B-104 A liquor transporter found in violation of the laws may have their license suspended or revoked or be penalized up to $1,250.

What Happens If I Get a Liquor Transportation Bond Claim?

If a claim is filed on your Liquor Transportation Bond, Jet will work to make sure the claim isn’t false by opening an investigation. Both parties will submit any documentation to support their stance. If the claim is proved valid for a violation of lawful transport or delivery of spirituous liquor, the proceeds of the forfeited bond will be forwarded to the school fund in the county the liquor was seized.

Why Is the Liquor Transportation Bond Required in North Carolina?

The ABC Commission regulates the sale, purchase, manufacture, transportation, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in North Carolina. The ABC Commission redistributes revenue collected for the public good, allocating funds for areas like education, local governments, the General Fund, and local law enforcement. The Liquor Transportation Bond is required by the ABC Commission to guarantee that liquor transporters will comply with regulations for transporting spirituous liquor into or throughout North Carolina.

How Does the Bond Application Process Work With Jet?

Applying for your Liquor Transportation Bond with Jet couldn’t be easier! Jet’s online application takes you step-by-step through the process, asking for only the necessary information, such as your social security number for a soft credit check. Once you’ve completed the last question of the application, you will find an approved rate that is ready to purchase instantly.

How to Renew the Liquor Transportation Bond

Renewing your Liquor Transportation Bond online with Jet only takes a few clicks! Jet will send you an email ahead of time with the renewal premium. Simply click the link to confirm and renew your bond instantly.

Jet also sends mailed notices to let you know when your Liquor Transportation Bond is due for renewal. You can fill out the notice and mail it back to Jet to complete your renewal.

Monthly payment plans don’t have a renewal process — Jet will keep the bond in effect as long as the bond is needed and payment is made!


Does the North Carolina Liquor Transportation Bond Expire?

No, the Liquor Transportation Bond will remain in effect until a cancellation notice is sent to the ABC Commission. Cancellation can be requested if you decide to not renew the license or permit that the bond was needed for. Cancellation may also be requested by Jet to the ABC Commission for the nonpayment of premium.

North Carolina Liquor Transportation Bond Form