North Carolina Environmental Bonds

Surety bonds are needed for various contractors and developers performing permitted erosion work, those doing environmental reclamation work, and anyone opening a landfill credit account, which are required by various North Carolina city, county, and state government entities. Jet is the only direct writer of these surety bonds making our bonding process the quickest. Select the bond you need below or give us a call: (855) 296-2663 if you do not see the environment related bond you need.

Erosion Bonds

Asheville - Erosion

Required by the City of Asheville for developers pulling a construction permit that disturbs more than five acres of land.

Durham - Erosion

Needed prior to receiving a land disturbing permit in Durham County. Limit is the amount of acres of land disturbed times $4,000.

Durham - Stormwater

When applying for a grading permit, Greensboro requires developers to get a permit bond to guarantee their performance.

Jackson - Erosion

Surety bond to be filed with the Unified Development Ordinance for contractors receiving permits of land disturbance.

Mecklenburg - Land Use

LUESA enforced bond for property owners or their contractors performing construction work in Mecklenburg County.

Reclamation Bonds

Davidson - Zoning Ordinance

Required per the Davidson County Zoning Ordinance for any property owner or mining operation seeking land reclamation.

Land Reclamation

NC DEQ required bond for those wishing to extract minerals, ores, or other solid matter through mining practices.

Other Environmental-Related Bonds

Buncombe - Stormwater

Developers must secure this bond prior to receiving a stormwater permit from the County of Buncombe.

Greensboro - Sedimentation

The City of Greensboro mandates a bond to receive obtain a grading permit for sedimentation control.

Greensboro - Stormwater

$10,000 license bond needed to register as a certified loan broker and keep active status with the Secretary of State.

Union - Landfill Credit

Bond limit must be equal 1.5 times the total of the landfill credit account being opened in Union County.