North Carolina Construction Bonds

In North Carolina, construction work is classified and regulated in various ways. Most classifications of contractors need a surety bond in order to be licensed. Certain state, county, city, and commercial projects have their own bonding requirements. Jet is the only direct provider of contractor bonds in North Carolina allowing construction professionals to save time and money.

Contractor License Bonds

Below are some of the most common construction related bonds that contractors in North Carolina may need.

Landscape Contractor

The NC Landscape Contractors' Licensing Board requires a Landscaping License Bond for various landscaping specialties.

Irrigation Contractor

$10,000 bond required by the NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board for contractors installing sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Modular Building Set-Up

$5,000 bond for persons not licensed as a general contractor planning to erect a modular building.

Home Inspection Contractor

The NC Home Inspector Licensure Board requires this bond for home inspectors who cannot show net assets over $5,000.

Mobile Home Set-Up

$10,000 license bond enforced by the NC Manufactured Building Division for contractors setting up manufactured homes.

Manufactured Home Dealer

The NC Manufactured Building Division requires a $35,000 bond, and a $25,000 bond for supplemental locations.

Construction Permit and Other Bonds

North Carolina has many other constructed related bonds required by permit or a county. Other bonding requirements defy classification, but are still related to the construction industry.

Permit Bonds

Permit Bonds are required to perform certain work for the state, county, or city ranging from work on highways to site improvement.

Other Construction Bonds

With the most varied set of requirements needed, contractors can find any surety bond need here at Jet. If not listed above check here.