North Carolina Contractor Permit Bonds

Construction work is classified and regulated in various ways in North Carolina. Certain state, county, city, and commercial projects have their own bonding requirements. These bonds come in many different names (permit, performance, improvement, subdivision), but all serve a function to provide a fiscal guarantee to the entity requiring the bond. Select the permit bond needed from the list below or call us if you don't see yours listed: (855) 296-2663.

Land Development Bonds

Chapel Hill - Improvement

The Land Use Management Ordinance in Chapel Hill requires a Land Improvement Bond prior to play approval.

Charlotte - Development

Any land development being completed in Charlotte requires the contractor to obtain a permit bond prior to starting work.

Durham - Development

Developers performing subdivision work in Durham must get a Development Infrastructure Completion Bond.

Greensboro - Subdivision

Needed for developers seeking final plat approval prior to completing public improvements in Greensboro.

Guilford - Improvement

The Guilford County Development Ordinance mandates those whose project disturbs over one acre of land to get a bond.

Haywood - Disturbing

Haywood County permit bond enforced with a limit in the amount of $2,500 times the number of acres of land disturbed.

High Point - Improvement

High Point enforces a permit bond for subdivision developers prior to beginning land improvement work.

Huntersville - Development

Needed for projects including trees, landscaping, streets, & sidewalks, as well as those involving roadway maintenance.

Mecklenburg - Land Use

Permit bond required by the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency for contractors performing work in the county.

Mecklenburg - Subdivision

Prior to requesting plat approval, developers must submit a surety bond to Mecklenburg County.

Pinehurst - Improvement

Contractors performing land improvement work in Pinehurst must first submit a bond to the city.

Raleigh - Improvement

Needed when public improvements are being performed as part of a subdivision plan in Raleigh.

Rowan - Subdivision

Subdivision Permit Bond required by Rowan County for contractors prior to receiving plat approval.


In both the City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, Site Improvement Bonds are required for subdivision developers.

Erosion Bonds

Asheville - Erosion

Developers pulling a permit to disturb over five acres of land in Asheville must first obtain a surety bond.

Buncombe - Stormwater

Stormwater Control Bond required by Buncombe County prior to contractors beginning work.

Durham - Erosion

A permit bond must be submitted alongside a sedimentation and erosion plan to Durham County.

Durham - Stormwater

Performance bond to be submitted to the County of Durham alongside a stormwater control plan.

Greensboro - Sedimentation

When applying for a grading permit, Greensboro requires developers to get a permit bond.

Greensboro - Stormwater

Prior to recording a plat for a project, Greensboro requires a bond along with a stormwater control plan.

High Point - Erosion

Needed to receive a grading permit if their project disturbs greater than one acre of land.

Jackson - Erosion

Jackson County requires a permit bond in an amount based on the number of acres disturbed.

Road Bonds

Greensboro - Housemover

House Moving Bond needed by companies moving a building into the City of Greensboro.

Highway Encroachment - Cont.

Highway Encroachment Continuing Indemnity Bond through the DOT for multiple right-of-way highway projects.

Highway Encroachment - Single

A project-specific Performance and Indemnity Bond for work on highway right-of-ways.

Raleigh - Right-of-Way

Prior to disturbing public streets or sidewalks, a permit and bond must be submitted to the City of Raleigh.

License/Permit Bonds

Southern Shores - Permit

A $5,000 bond is to accompany the permit for building taking place in Southern Shores.