North Carolina School Bonds

In the State of North Carolina there are six license bonds that are required of various schools including for post secondary institutions, barbers, cosmetologists, and commercial drivers.


Commercial Driving School

Commercial driver training schools and instructors need a license bond to file with the North Carolina DMV.

Cosmetology School

Cosmetic art schools/training programs and colleges of beauty culture need a bond through the Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners.

Tuition Guaranty

Requirement through the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System for nonpublic post-secondary schools wishing to grant degrees.

Barber School

Board of Barber Examiners enforced bond for private barber schools conducting post-secondary education in North Carolina.

Proprietary School

For any proprietary business, trade, or technical school providing post-secondary education through the State Board of Community Colleges.

Real Estate School

Those providing post-secondary real estate instruction must first be bonded with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.