North Carolina Cosmetology School Bond

North Carolina Cosmetology School Bond 

Any college of beauty culture, cosmetic art school, or cosmetic art training program in North Carolina is required to be licensed by the Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. The Board mandates these schools to acquire the Cosmetology or Beauty School Guaranty Bond, commonly known as the Cosmetology School Bond, in order to obtain and maintain a cosmetic art school license. The bond guarantees recompensation for students, or their parents or guardians, who have been financially harmed by the cosmetology school.


If you are looking to apply for or renew a cosmetic art school license, Jet can help you secure the required Cosmetology School Bond quickly and at an affordable rate.

What Is the Bond Amount and Rate for the Cosmetology School Bond?

The Cosmetology School Bond amount is determined by the Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners and is based on the school’s reported annual average of prepaid tuition; the Board does require a minimum bond amount of $10,000. 

The rate for the bond is a percentage of the bond limit so it will vary with the fluctuation of the bond limit. With Jet, the Cosmetology School Bond starts at $100 annually or $10 monthly. You can find a price chart for the $10,000 bond limit with monthly and 1-, 2-, or 3-year payment options below.

NC Cosmetology School Bond Price 
bond limit  Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

Other Surety companies work with surety brokers or agents that add extra fees and commission costs to the bond rate. Jet cuts out the middleman and guarantees a low annual price with no hidden fees or a monthly option that keeps your bond active as long as you need it.

How Is the Cosmetology School Bond Filed?

Jet takes care of the bond filing process for you! An original signed and sealed bond must be filed at the local superior court of the county in which the cosmetology school is located. Let Jet know which county your cosmetic art school is located in, and we will send the original bond form directly to the county's local superior court. A copy will be sent to you for your records. 

The Cosmetology School Bond must remain on file for the entirety of the cosmetic school’s operations. The Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners asks that a copy of your bond is displayed for public viewing in the school.  

If you are applying for a license, you will also send in the first-time cosmetic art school application or the renewal cosmetic art school application to the Board for approval. All paperwork should be sent to the following address:

North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners 
1207 Front Street Suite 110 
Raleigh, NC 27609  

What Is the Purpose of the Cosmetology School Bond?

The North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners was created for the purpose of ensuring the safety and education of those in the cosmetic arts industry. In order to do so, the Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners requires all North Carolina schools or colleges of beauty culture, cosmetic art schools, or cosmetic art training centers to be legally licensed and financially responsible to students. The Cosmetology School Bond guarantees reimbursement to students or their parent(s) or guardian(s) that were financially harmed by the cosmetic art school. The Board leverages surety companies’ expertise and financial strength to ensure a smooth process that could cost the Board additional expenses.

How Does a School Avoid a Claim on the Cosmetology School Bond?

Cosmetic art schools are required to comply with all North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners licensing laws in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes 88B. Failure to do so may result in fines from the Board, civil actions, suspension or revocation of the cosmetic art license, and a possible bond claim.

A bond claim may arise if a student has not received instruction, academic services, or other goods and services related to course enrollment for which prepaid tuition has been provided. This typically occurs when a cosmetic art school abruptly closes down due to financial hardship or a suspension or revocation of the cosmetic art license from the Board. If a cosmetic art school refuses to refund prepaid tuition, the student or loan agency in which tuition was financed may choose to start the bond claim process. 

The bond requires the student or agency to write an official demand to the school for a tuition refund within a 30-day period. If the school again refuses, a final written demand will be made for the tuition to be refunded within a 60-day period. Continuous refusal for such a refund may result in the student or agency commencing civil action against the school and could result in a bond claim. If the claim is validated by the courts, the bond payout will cover the return of the student’s prepaid tuition, court costs, and a reasonable attorney's fee fixed by the court. It is in the cosmetic art school’s best interest to initially refund all prepaid tuition to financially damaged students in order to avoid a bond claim. 

What Happens if I Get a Claim on the Cosmetology School Bond?

Immediately contact Jet upon receiving notification from the court of the ordered bond claim payout. Jet will proceed with a review of the claim details. Although Jet’s objective is to protect our bondholders from faulty claims, there is little we can do when faced with a court-validated bond claim. 

If the claim is justified by the court, Jet will make payment to the financially damaged person(s) up to the full bond limit. The owner of the cosmetic art school is ultimately responsible for their actions and must reimburse Jet for the paid-out claim. Failure to do so will result in future difficulties obtaining the required Cosmetology or Beauty School Guaranty Bond when the annual cosmetic art school license renewal is due. 

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

Jet takes pride in making the application process effortless! Our online application for the Cosmetology School Bond asks for basic information along with the cosmetic school owner’s social security number. A soft credit check is required to accurately provide an approved bond rate, but don’t worry as this doesn’t affect your credit score and is done in seconds! Once payment has been completed, Jet sends the original bond form to be filed with the Board. A copy will be sent to you for your personal files.

Does the Cosmetology School Bond Expire?

Not with Jet! If you choose to make monthly payments, there is no need for a bond renewal; the bond will remain active so long as you make monthly payments!

If you choose to make annual payments for the bond, Jet sends a renewal invoice prior to the bond's expiration to give you ample time to renew. We do not require extra paperwork, payment is all that is needed. 

Can the Cosmetology School Bond Be Cancelled?

You can cancel the bond at any time with Jet! The bond is continuous until cancellation is requested. Both the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners and the court in which the bond was filed require a 30-day written notice in order to cancel the bond. Both notices must be sent by certified mail. 

If the monthly payment option was chosen, Jet will still have to charge for that 30-day period considering the bond is still active during that time. If an annual payment option was chosen, Jet will see if there is any premium left on the bond available to be returned to the cosmetic art school.

North Carolina Cosmetology School Bond Form