North Carolina Finance Bonds

Finance and insurance-related businesses in North Carolina often need to secure a surety bond to operate. Some of these businesses include mortgage services, collection agencies, and pawnbrokers which are overseen by government entities such as the Department of Insurance and Commissioner of Banks. Jet Insurance Company is the only surety company writing this bond directly to the businesses and individuals who have to secure these bonds. Take advantage of working directly with the decision makers and custom payment plans.

Real Estate and Mortgage Bonds

Appraisal Management

The North Carolina Appraisal Board requires a $25,000 license bond for appraisal companies managing a network of real estate appraisers.

Manufactured Home Dealer

$35,000 bond secured through the manufactured building division. A $25,000 bond is needed for each additional location.

Mortgage Lender/Broker

Mortgage lenders and brokers need this surety bond to be licensed with the NC Commissioner of Banks.

Reverse Mortgage Lender

Mortgage lenders certified to reverse mortgage loans must hold a $100,000 license bond through the Commissioner of Banks.

Mortgage Servicer

A $150,000 bond required by the Commissioner of Banks to be filed with the NMLS to get and maintain the license.

Tenants Security Deposit

Property managers and landlords can secure this bond as an alternative to holding a trust account for tenants' security deposits.

Property Warranty

Surety bond in the amount of $100,000 enforced by the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Insurance Bonds

Designated Agent

Designated insurance agents must secure a $10,000 bond to become licensed and maintain their active status with the DOI.

Professional Employer

Department of Insurance mandated bond for PEO companies such as human resource consulting firms.

Premium Finance Company

License bond for premium finance companies, regulated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Public Adjuster

Public adjusters must keep a $20,000 bond on file with the Department of Insurance through the entirety of their license.

Self-Insurer Compensation

Minimum bond amount of $500,000 required by the DOI for anyone self insuring workers' compensation policies.

Financial Management Bonds

Credit Repair Service

Under the NC Credit Repair Services Act, businesses offering such services must secure this $10,000 bond.

Collection Agency

Department of Insurance requirement to be licensed as a collection agency in North Carolina.

Investment Adviser

Through the SOS, advisers must obtain a $10,000, $35,000, or $50,000 Bond, depending on the net worth of clients’ funds being held.

Loan Broker

$10,000 license bond needed to register as a certified loan broker and keep active status with the Secretary of State.

Money Transmitter

For businesses engaged in the transfer of money within the United States and abroad, to be filed with the Commissioner of Banks.

Other Finance-Related Bonds

ABC Financial Guarantee

Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Beverage Control bond for mixed beverage permittees using fintech as a payment method.

Business Opportunity

For businesses selling or leasing any products, equipment, supplies, or services for the purpose of warranting the purchaser.

Landfill Credit Account

To be filed with Union County for those wishing to open a landfill credit account and obtain licensure.

Patient Trust Fund

Enforced by the Department of Health and Human Services to safeguard patients' funds while in the management of nursing homes.


$5,000 license bond required for all pawnbrokers in the State of North Carolina, managed on a city or county level.

Precious Metals Dealer

Bond of $10,000 mandated by the Department of Public Safety for all precious metal dealers in the State.

Private Personnel Service

The Department of Labor ensures all private personnel service companies hold a $10,000 license bond.