North Carolina Private Personnel Service Bond

North Carolina Private Personnel Service Bond

The State of North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) requires any licensee operating a private personnel service business to obtain a $10,000 bond. The bond serves as a financial guarantee that the employment agency will pay any applicant the proper commission amount or provide a refund should they terminate their business. 


With Jet, you get the advantage of working directly with us. There are no outside agents or carriers that get involved in the bonding process.

What Is the Lowest Price for the Bond?

The Private Personnel Service Bond starts at $100 a year. Rates will be dependent upon the personal credit score of the private personnel service business owner. The preferred tier of pricing is shown below: 

Private Personnel Service Bond Price
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250


Only at Jet, can you choose your payment option plan for your bond. Jet offers the pay as you go method through monthly payments or one simple payment on an annual basis.  

What Is The Purpose of The Private Personnel Bond?

The State of North Carolina Department of Labor exists to provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive employment environment within the State of North Carolina. The NCDOL requires all licensees operating private personnel service businesses to obtain a $10,000 surety bond as part of their licensing and operating requirements. 

Per the General Statutes Chapter 95 - Article 5A the private personnel bond is used as a financial guarantee to the customers of the employment agency to receive an appropriate refund per their refund policy. The bond serves as a financial protection to both the Commission and any applicant of a private personnel service. 

Per 13 NCAC 17 .0104, the licensee’s failure to maintain a surety bond at all times will be subject to the revocation of their license by the Commissioner. Jet is here to ensure that.employment agencies are properly bonded and consumers have a financial guarantee of refund.

Can Jet File the Private Personnel Service Bond For Me?

Yes, Jet can! Jet will file the bond form directly to the State of North Carolina Commissioner of Labor including any necessary seals and signatures. Other carriers would only offer bond filing services after having charged you additional fees. At Jet, you buy the bond, and leave the bond filing process to us - free of charge. 

After you have purchased the private personnel service bond, you will receive a copy of the bond for your records as well as a receipt of purchase.

The bond will be sent to the address stated below:

State of North Carolina Department of Labor 
1101 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC, 24699

What If I Need to Cancel my Private Personnel Service Bond?

Should you need to cancel your bond just notify Jet in writing. Jet will then provide notice to the Commissioner.

Per 13 NCAC 17 .0104, the division must receive a new bond prior to the effective date of cancellation of the existing bond pending cancellation. If a new bond is not received prior to the cancellation of the existing bond, the Commissioner will notify the licensee that they must suspend their operations as a private personnel service. 

If you are terminating your private personnel service business and no longer need the required licensing bond, you may be eligible for a refund. You may receive a return for bonds purchased on a monthly basis once the Surety calculates the cancellation provision of the bond.

How Does a Licensee Avoid Bond Claims?

Licensee’s wanting to avoid bond claims will need to establish proper written contracts including a refund policy section. Written contracts must state whether or not a refund policy is in place. A claim will only arise if the licensee does not rightfully refund an applicant. 

For licensee’s who choose to provide a refund policy, each contract that obligates an applicant must include the following information: the time length covered by the refund policy, the method of refund calculation, and the conditions under which a refund would be applicable. Once the refund policy has been established and stated within the contract, the personnel service is required to abide by the refund policy.

It would be beneficial for the private personnel service to establish a refund policy, however, it is not required. If the licensee chooses not to practice with a refund policy, the details of the no refund policy must be available to the applicant. 

Per § 95-47.4, if the personnel service chooses to not service a refund policy, there must be a statement on each contract that specifies the private personnel service will not provide a refund under any circumstances of fees paid by the applicant. 

What Happens If I Get a Bond Claim?

Should you get a claim on your bond, Jet will provide a defense to our best ability after the Commission has conducted their investigation. 

Should the claim be found valid, Jet will pay the damaged party up to the bonding limit. It is the responsibility of the licensee to pay back the Surety (Jet) within a timely manner and in the amount that was paid out. The bond was a guarantee that the State of North Carolina that refunds would be paid out appropriately, the employment agency is still liable for their actions and that is why the Surety is still owed compensation. 

How Does the Application Process Work With Jet?

With Jet, the application process to get bonded takes a matter of minutes. The application only requires a soft credit check which does not affect your score and a few basic information questions in order to purchase the bond. 


A copy of the bond will be sent to you via email once you have completed the application and purchase of the bond. 

Does My Private Personnel Service Bond Expire?

No, bonds do not expire as long as you continue payments on a monthly basis or renew the bond before the annual expiration date. Licensees must keep note of their license validity, which typically last for one year from the date of issuance. 

Licensee’s must plan accordingly with the purchase of the private personnel service bond as it is a requirement to obtain a bond throughout the entire duration of a licensee operating a private personal service business. 

Don’t worry about marking your calendars, Jet will notify you prior to the expiration date of your bond with plenty of time for you to make a payment. 

North Carolina Private Personnel Service Bond Form