North Carolina Sales Tax Bonds

Government Departments such as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission and Department of Revenue regulate businesses in North Carolina and part of that regulation is to ensure they pay their due taxes. Some of these include cigarette and other tobacco product tax, wholesale or importation of alcoholic beverages tax, and taxes owed by motor fuel sellers, distributors, and users. Jet Insurance Company is the only direct surety company writing this bond to the individuals and businesses who need these bonds, which allows for custom payment plans and quick processes. Select the Sales Tax Bond you need below.


Alcohol Tax

Required by the Department of Revenue in an amount determined by the wholesaler/importer’s three highest tax-paying months in the previous year.

Cigarette/Tobacco Tax

Cigarette and other tobacco product distributors owe taxes to the DOR. The bond limit is twice your expected average monthly tax liability.

Motor Fuel Tax

Surety bond for motor fuel sellers, dealers, and users to ensure reports and payments are submitted to the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

Liquor Transportation

The DOT requires those transporting spirituous liquor across the state's highways and roads to obtain a permit and bond.