North Carolina Hard to Find Surety Bonds

Jet specializes in niche industry sectors that need to obtain surety bonds for various licenses, permits, and agreements. The bonds listed below are not commonly found in very many places, and Jet is the only insurance company to offer them directly to the consumer. Don't see the bond you need on this page? Please visit our complete alphabetic list of North Carolina Surety Bonds or call us at (855) 296-2663.

Solicitor Bonds

Peddler/Itinerant Merchant

Various municipalities in the state require Itinerant Merchant Bonds for transient vendors, merchants, solicitors, and peddlers.

Professional Solicitor

The SOS mandates professional solicitors to secure a surety bond prior to beginning charitable operations.

Funeral Bonds

Cemetery Company

For those selling markers, crypts, mausoleums, and preneed graves a bond must be filed to the NC Cemetery Board.

Preneed Funeral

The Board of Funeral Services requires all funeral homes to hold this $50,000 bond throughout the entirety of their operations.

Money-Related Bonds

Collection Agency

Department of Insurance requirement to be licensed as a collection agency in North Carolina.


Through the NCEL, and under certain conditions, lottery retailers must obtain a surety bond.


Required by various cities and counties for pawnbrokers in the State of North Carolina, with a $5,000 limit.

Precious Metals Dealer

$10,000 license bond mandated by the Department of Public Safety for all precious metal dealers in the State.

Job Service Bonds

Job Listing Service

$25,000 bond required by the North Carolina Department of Labor for licensed job listing services.

Private Personnel Service

Private personnel service businesses must acquire a $10,000 bond to be licensed in the state.

Construction Bonds

Home Inspector

Needed to file with the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board to get a license and keep it active.

Statement of Bondability

Enforced by the State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors to get/renew an intermediate or unlimited license.

Local 312 Wage & Welfare

$20,000 license bond for carpenters and joiners in Lexington, North Carolina Local Union 312.

Utility Bonds


Public utility service providers of water and wastewater must post a license bond with the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

Utility Deposit

Various utility companies in the state require business account customers to provide a surety bond to activate services.

Other Bonds

Business Opportunity

For businesses leasing or selling any supplies, products, equipment, or services for the purpose of warranting the purchaser.

Third Party CDL Testing

Third Party Commercial Driver License Testing Centers must carry a $30,000 bond filed with the Department of Transportation.

Criminal Background Data

Regulated by the Judicial Branch of the Government Administrative Office for those extracting criminal background data.

Discount Buying Club

Bond for discount buying clubs as enforced by the State of North Carolina Office of the Attorney General.

Fight Promoter

$10,000 bond for promoters of kickboxing, MMA, and toughman events required by the NC State Boxing Commission.

Grain Dealer

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services mandates grain dealers to secure a $100,000 bond.

Health Club

Through the Department of Justice, health clubs and prepaid entertainment organizations must submit a license bond.

Hunting/Fishing Agent

$5,000 license bond for hunting and fishing agents to be filed with the Wildlife Resources Commission.

Invention Developer

Invention developers need to hold a license bond with a limit of $25,000 or 5% of the developer's income, whichever is greater.

Patient Trust Fund

Required by the Department of Health and Human Services to safekeep patients' funds while in the management of nursing homes.

Mobile Home Manufacturer

$100,000 surety bond for manufactured housing manufacturers to be filed with the Manufactured Building Division.

Overweight Permit

Needed for truckers hauling oversize/overweight loads across North Carolina roads and highways.

Self-Insurer Compensation

Minimum bond limit of $500,000 required by the Department of Insurance for anyone self insuring workers' compensation policies.

Tenants Security Deposit

Landlords and property managers can get this bond in lieu of holding a trust account for tenants' security deposits.

Liquor Transportation

The Department of Transportation enforced bond for those transporting spirituous liquor across the state's highways and roads.

Property Warranty

$100,000 license bond regulated by the North Carolina Secretary of State for those selling warranties for real property sales.