North Carolina Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond

North Carolina Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission requires that all licensed hunting and fishing agents obtain a Hunting and Fishing License Agent Bond in the amount of $5,000. The bond serves as a financial guarantee that all agents who sell and distribute hunting and fishing licenses will abide by proper operational procedures to avoid Wildlife Resource Commission losses or damages.


At Jet, you have the advantage of getting bonded in minutes online. There are no third parties involved in the bonding process unlike most other surety companies. 

How Much Is The Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond?

With Jet, the price of the Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond is $100 a year or $10 monthly and can be purchased right now.   

NC Hunting & Fishing Bond Price
Term Cost
Monthly $10
1 Year $100
2 Years $175
3 Years $250

Licensed agents have the ability to select their payment in annual or monthly terms.

How Do I Get My Bond Filed To The Commission?

Jet can file the bond for you! The bond filing process will begin immediately after the purchase of the bond. Jet will complete the bond form with Jet’s seal and mail the original bond to the Commission for filing.

After purchase of the bond, you will receive a receipt of purchase and a copy for your records. Jet will file the bond directly to the address stated below:

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
512 N. Salisbury Street 
Raleigh, NC, 27611

If I Cancel My Bond Will I Get a Refund?

At Jet, you can cancel your bond at any time and be refunded with any unearned premium left on the bond. If you choose to cancel the bond there needs to be a written notice to the Jet.

Once your bond is cancelled, Jet will promptly cancel the automatic payments if your bond was on a monthly payment plan or return any money due to you. 

The bond has a 30-day cancellation provision, which means that the bond will not cancel until 30 days after the written notice to the commission has been filed. Premium returns from Jet will take into account the 30-day period where the bond remains active since we still provide coverage during that time. 

How Does a Hunting and Fishing Agent Avoid Bond Claims?

Hunting & fishing licensed agents must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the North Carolina State Statutes Chapter 113 - Article 21. Licensed agents must act in accordance with the regulations in order to avoid bringing any damages or losses to the Commission. 

The North Carolina State Statute has outlined dishonest activities that are prohibited for licensed hunting & fishing agents. If the licensed agent engages in any of the following activities, it will result in a Class I misdemeanor and may result in a claim on the bond:  

What Happens If I Receive a Claim On My Bond?

Notify Jet immediately should there be a claim on your bond. Jet will provide a defense and investigate any claim made against you to verify its validity. If you failed to pay fees to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, there may be little we can do.

If the claim is found to be valid, Jet will make a payment up to the $5,000 limit of the bond. With surety bonds, the responsibility falls on the licensed agent to repay Jet in the amount that was paid out for the claim.

Why Is The Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond Required?

The State of North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission exists to conserve and sustain North Carolina’s fish and wildlife resources through research, management, and regulation. The Commission is responsible for regulating and enforcing the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and receives funding from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.

The state legislature requires hunting & fishing license agents to obtain a $5,000 surety bond as part of licensing operating requirements. The licensed agent should engage in the sale of hunting and fishing licenses in accordance with the rules set forth by the Commission in order to avoid any losses or damages to the Commission through erroneous or fraudulent actions for licensed agents.

The Commission may file a claim against the licensed agent and request to verify proper bonding at any point in time. 

How Long Is The Application Process?

The bond application process with Jet is as simple as it gets. Our application only takes a few minutes. Once you have provided basic information you will be able to pay for the bond and receive your copy.


How Do I Renew My Bond?

If you have purchased your bond through the monthly payment option, you do not need to think twice about the renewal of your bond. So long as the automatic payments continue, so does the status of your bond. 

Bonds that have been purchased on an annual basis will also have a simple renewal process. You don't even need to mark your calendars, Jet’s got you covered. Jet will notify you with plenty of time before the expiration of your bond for you to make a renewal payment. It’s that simple.


North Carolina Hunting & Fishing License Agent Bond Form