North Carolina Criminal Background Data Bond

North Carolina Criminal Background Data Extracts: Licensing Agreement Bond

The State of North Carolina Judicial Branch of the Government Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) requires all licensee’s that extract criminal background data to obtain a $5,000 surety bond. The bond provides a guarantee should the licensee create any financial damages resulting from the licensee’s breach of contract. 


With Jet, licensees gain the advantage of working directly with the carrier of the bond. There are no outside agents, carriers, or other third parties that you need to get involved with. Simply apply and get your bond taken care of today.

What Is The Lowest Price for the Bond?

The cost of the Criminal Background Data Extract Bond starts at $100 a year if approved. The application for this bond may require additional paperwork to determine eligibility and cost of the bond. In rare cases we may need business or personal financial statements.

At Jet, we will never ask more questions than we need from you. Once we have taken a thorough review, we will then provide you with the bonding price.

North Carolina Data Extract Bond Pricing
Term Cost
1 Year $100

Can Jet File the Criminal Background Data Extract Licensing Agreement Bond For Me?

Yes, Jet can! The bond form must be completed and filed to the NCAOC with all necessary signatures and notary seals. The NCAOC has specified that they accept any written notices or communications relevant to bonds between parties by mail, fax or electronic submission.

Jet does not charge additional costs for the bond filing service, unlike other agents and carriers may. Once you have completed the transaction of the bond, you will receive a copy of the bond itself for your records. All filing would be sent to the following address:

State of North Carolina
Judicial Branch of the Government 
Administrative Office of the Courts
PO BOX 2445
Raleigh, NC 27802

What Happens To My Bond If My Licensing Agreement is Terminated? When Can I Cancel My Bond?

The licensing agreement between the licensee and the NCAOC may be cancelled at any point in time by either party. The following list displays all the possible termination options either party may take:

Termination of the agreement between the Licensee and the NCAOC does not relieve the Licensee of their bond. In order to cancel the bond, a cancellation request by the Licensee must be made to the Surety (Jet). 

Once Jet has received the written cancellation request by the Licensee, Jet will immediately halt the monthly payments for the bond. 

It is possible to obtain a refund for any unearned bond premiums for prepaid annual terms. Jet will calculate the amount of the refund considering the cancellation date of the bond and the remainder of coverage attached to the bond. 

How Does a Licensee Avoid Bond Claims?

The licensee is required to model their licensing agreement with the State of North Carolina based on the suggested sample extract agreement provided by the NCAOC. In order to avoid claims, the licensee should act in accordance with the acceptable licensee behavior and outlined duties in relation to proper criminal background data extraction. 

The following list outlines actions that result in liquidated damages towards the NCAOC on behalf of the Licensee’s wrongdoings:

The NCAOC will investigate any claims made by damaged persons as a result of the Licensee’s violation of terms set out in their licensing agreement. The NCAOC also has the power to investigate claims and permanently revoke access to the Licensee, if the Licensee's access is terminated due to nonpayment of data extract fees. The Licensee will be required to obtain a new performance bond if it was forfeited due to the Licensee’s breach of duty to pay liquidated damages. 

What Happens If I Get a Bond Claim?

Should you receive a claim on your bond, Jet will defend you to our best ability after the NCAOC has conducted their claim investigation. If the claim is found to be valid, Jet will pay for any liquidated damages up to the bonding limit. 

The Licensee has the responsibility of paying back the Surety (Jet) on a timely basis for any bond payouts that were made. Once the claim has been paid back to Jet, the Licensee will have the ability to restore their coverage with a new bond.

Per the liquidated damages and performance bond section of the sample extract agreement , once a Licensee has received a claim on their bond, the NCAOC will require them to obtain a new bond. If the Licensee receives a claim on their second bond for providing inaccurate data or engaging in any other violation within two years of a previous and verified occurrence, the bond will be forfeited and the Licensee’s agreement with the NCAOC will become terminated. 

Why Is The Criminal Background Data Extract Licensing Agreement Bond Required?

The mission of the State of North Carolina Judicial Branch of the Government Administrative Office of the Courts is to protect and preserve the rights and liberties of all peoples guaranteed by Constitution laws of the United States and North Carolina. People’s background information falls under this jurisdiction.  Thus the NCAOC requires all organizations and people who access background information to be licensed. The $5,000 Criminal Background Data Extracts Licensing Agreement Bond is a tool used to limit financial damages caused by a breach of contract and encourage the fulfillment of Licensee duties. 

The bond is an additional layer of protection to the licensing agreement between the Licensee and the NCAOC. Should the NCAOC discover any wrongdoings on behalf of the Licensee and/or discover persons making claims against the Licensee, the Surety (Jet) will provide a financial compensation up to the bonding limit for those said damages. 

How Does The Application Process Work With Jet?

With Jet, Licensee’s have the ability to complete the bond application online by clicking the button below. For some applicants additional questions and paperwork may be needed following review by one of our underwriters.


What Is The Renewal Process?

The Licensee should plan accordingly to be fully bonded at all times during their operation as a Licensee. The Licensee must provide annual proof of the renewal or continued maintenance of the bond to the NCAOC. Failure to provide proof of the renewal or maintenance of the bond within seven days of the request, will result in the termination of the agreement between the Licensee and the NCAOC. 

In order for the Licensee to achieve this requirement, they have the ability to work with Jet to renew their bond by simply making low monthly payments or securing annual terms for the bond. For bonds purchased on a monthly basis, the bond will not cancel as long as the Licensee continues to provide payments.  

Jet will send an expiration notice for bonds purchased annually, with plenty of time for the Licensee to renew their bond. With Jet, the Licensee will never have to think twice about the coverage status of their bond!


North Carolina Criminal Background Data Bond Form