Arizona Surety Bonds

In the State of Arizona, there are over 50 surety bond requirements for businesses and individuals. Various government agencies, departments, divisions, commissions, counties, and cities regulate a wide variety of industries and operations in Arizona. These surety bonds are used as a financial protection tool for the wellbeing of Arizona's public. Jet Insurance Company bridges the canyon between legislative/department regulations and our customers who must procure a bond to do their job.

Arizona Bond Categories

All types of contractors will need to get a license bond in Arizona. Various other construction bonds exist for contracts, permits, inspectors, mobile homes and tax payments.

Auto Dealers, auto recyclers, aircraft dealers, vehicle registration services and those who have lost their vehicle title can find their bond requirement enforced by the Dept of Transportation.

Plaintiffs, defendants, conservators, guardians, administrators, executors, and many others may need a surety bond for their local, county or state court.

Tax bonds are mandatory for various trades including motor carriers under International Fuel Tax Agreement, liquor wholesalers, motor fuel suppliers and contractors.

Included in this category are Employee Dishonesty Bonds, Business Services Bonds, Janitorial Services Bonds, and ERISA Bonds.

Notaries in Arizona must hold a $5,000 Notary Bond which that lasts for a 4-year term.

Various finance, real estate and insurance related businesses in Arizona are required to secure a surety bond to operate in the state.

There are bonds that play by their own rules and can't be categorized with others. These include bonds for private investigators, boxing promoters, and more.

Common Surety Bonds

The following bonds from Arizona are requested more than others at Jet. Get right into the details on each by selecting your specific bond below.

Franchise dealers, used motor vehicle dealers, wholesale dealers, public auction dealers, wholesale auction dealers and brokers all need a license bond to do business in Arizona.

When owners of vehicles are unable to provide proof of ownership, the Motor Vehicle Division allows them to get a Lost Title Bond (Certificate of Title) in place of a vehicle title.

With the most varied set of bonding requirements in Arizona, contractors need a surety bond to obtain their license.

Bonds required by the City of Safford, Arizona Public Service Company, Southwest Gas Corporation, and Tucson Electric Power Company.