Arizona Transportation Bonds

Various transportation-related businesses in Arizona are required to hold a license bond to operate in the state. Different government entities, such as the Arizona Department of Transportation, have regulations like the bond in place to keep the public safe while working with motor vehicle dealers, auto recyclers, vehicle registration services, and other transportation-related businesses. Choosing Jet as your surety provider means working directly with the decision maker, allowing for an efficient process and affordable rates. Choose your bond below or call us at 855-296-2663.

Motor Vehicle Bonds

The Arizona Department of Transportation requires this $100k license bond for all franchise and used motor vehicle dealers or a $25k bond for wholesalers and brokers. Auctions are required to be bonded as well.

The Lost Title Bond is available through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division for vehicle owners who are unable to provide proof of ownership.

Arizona motor vehicle recyclers, also known as dismantlers, need a $20,000 surety bond filed with the Department of Transportation.

Authorized Third Party Providers can perform various motor vehicle service functions in Arizona dealing with IDs, titles, licenses, registrations, and vehicle inspections.

Other Transportation-Related Bonds

The $10,000 Arizona Aircraft Dealer Bond is needed for those buying, selling, or exchanging aircrafts and required by the AZ Department of Transportation.

Ignition interlock installers must secure a $200,000 bond with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The Electronic Records Access Bond is required by the Department of Transportation for organizations purchasing electronic personal information from the DMV.

The Department of Transportation enforces this bond for motor fuel suppliers to ensure appropriate taxes are paid.

Motor carriers may be required to file and International Fuel Tax Agreement Bond as a means of guaranteeing tax payments and other regulations.