Arizona Sales Tax Bonds

In Arizona, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Revenue enforce regulations for certain businesses to ensure they pay their due taxes. Businesses overseen by these departments are liquor wholesalers for luxury privilege taxes, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) licensees, and motor fuel suppliers. Part of the regulation is for the business to uphold a surety bond while operating in the state of Arizona. Jet Insurance Company is the only direct surety company writing these bonds to the individuals and businesses who need these bonds, which allows for custom payment plans and quick processes. Select the Sales Tax Bond you need below.

Bond required by the Department of Revenue to guarantee payment of excise taxes and other tax obligations of liquor wholesalers.

The Department of Transportation enforces this bond for motor fuel suppliers to ensure appropriate taxes are paid.

Motor carriers may be required to file and International Fuel Tax Agreement Bond as a means of guaranteeing tax payments and other regulations.

Some licensed contractors and manufactured home dealers need this bond, to be filed with the Department of Revenue.