Texas Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are utilized by various regulators before a company or individual can become licensed or pursue a task. With Jet, you can purchase your bond in minutes. Start saving on your surety need now.

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Texas Surety Bond

Bond Categories

Texas Construction Bonds are often a requisite to receiving a contractor license or permit. Cities and counties are often the requiring entities, but there are also state departments and unions that require surety bonds.

Transportation surety bonds vary from motor vehicle dealers licenses to registration services to CDL third-party testers and a few things in between.

Whether you're an executor, administrator, conservator, guardian, trustee, or something else in court and probate, surety bonds are often required to guarantee compliance with the law and to protect the dispossessed.

The Department of Insurance, Secretary of State, Department of Licensing and Regulation, and other agencies oversee financial bond requirements including those for debt collectors, escrow officers, insurance agents, loan servicers, and more.

Employee Dishonesty, Janitorial Service, Business Service, and ERISA Bonds offer protection to the business when it has sustained losses as a result of an employee's fraudulent acts.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires a bond for alcoholic beverage businesses. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts requires sales tax bonds, bonds for IFTA licensees, motor fuels tax bonds, and mixed beverage tax bonds.

If you operate a barber school, real estate school, or driver safety and education school in Texas, you are required to have a surety bond for the duration of your license.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires various permit holders to carry either a Conduct, Performance, or Fee Interest Surety Bond.

A $10,000 Notary Bond is required of all notary publics working in the state of Texas. The bond is good for a 4-year term to line up with the notary regulatory term.

Competitive dog hunting events, deputies/special game wardens, grain and public warehouses, public weighers, timber permit holders, and agriculture facilities enrolled in the Cooperative Inspection Program must hold a bond.

Discount healthcare program operators, EMS Subscription Programs, and those doing the fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments need a surety bond to operate in Texas.

Although most bonds fall under the above categories, some do not such as a bond for athlete agents, burglar alarm sellers, health spas, professional employer organizations, and more.

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State Bond Information

With over 200 surety bond requirements, there are several departments and divisions across cities, counties, and the state of Texas ensuring a safe environment for residents and businesses. Surety bonds are mandated for various occupations and operations to guarantee restitution is available through a third party (Jet Insurance Company) should the person or business fail to operate in a contractual, legal, and/or ethical manner.

Here's an instance where Jet would make a payout to a claimant—imagine a motor vehicle dealer tampers with a car's odometer to sell it at a higher price. The customer finds out and files a claim on the dealer's license bond. Jet would provide payment to the customer up to the bond limit, and the dealer is then responsible to pay Jet back. Information on how to avoid claims and the claim process can be found in our Surety Bond Claims Guide.

Jet's process allows you to get to work or continue working without any added stress. You are purchasing directly from the surety company, with no middlemen. Most surety bonds can be purchased online in a matter of minutes with the option of convenient monthly payments or discounted annual and multi-year rates.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Texas (License #13765895).

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