Alabama Surety Bonds

In Alabama, there are over 100 different surety bonds required throughout the state for businesses and individuals. Cities, counties, and state regulatory agencies enforce surety bonds as a way to ensure the well-being of Alabama's citizens and land. Jet Insurance Company is the guarantor to these requiring parties which allows companies and individuals to proceed with their careers, jobs, or lives.

Alabama Bond Categories

Contractors have the most diverse set of bond requirements in Alabama, from permits to licenses to contracts, and on city, county, and state levels.

Motor vehicle dealers, automobile clubs, scrap tire transporters, automotive dismantlers, and those with lost titles must secure a surety bond.

Conservators, administrators, executors, plaintiffs, defendants others may need to file a bond with their local, county, or state court.

Bonds for Alabama pawn shops, mortgage brokers, appraisal management companies, premium finance companies, and more.

Not always required legally, but a good idea to have, fidelity bonds in Alabama in Dishonesty, Janitorial, Business Service, Financial Institution and ERISA bonds.

Alabama Notaries must carry a $25,000 bond which is good for 4 years to line up with the notary term.

Private school agents, private schools, real estate schools, and cosmetology schools all need a license bond to operate within Alabama.

Various bonds are required in Alabama to ensure businesses and individuals pay their taxes, such as sales tax bonds, fuel tax bonds, and alcohol tax bonds.

Bonds needed for oil and gas wells, surface mining and reclamation, and underground storage facilities within Alabama's boundaries.

Some bonds have their own rules and cannot be categorized with others including those for telemarketers, health studios, auctioneers, and more.

Common Surety Bonds

The following Alabama bonds are requested more frequently than others at Jet. Get right into the details by selecting your specific bond below.

A $50,000 bond is required for auto dealers in Alabama who wish to receive and maintain their Master Dealer License.

Bond for those trying to prove vehicle ownership without access to a title, required by the Department of Revenue.

A $15,000 bond is required in Alabama for HVAC and refrigeration contractors to be licensed.

Licensed bail bondsmen must obtain a surety bond per the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure.