Alabama Tax Bonds

The Alabama Department of Transportation, Department of Revenue, and other city and county entities have regulations for certain businesses and individuals to ensure they pay their due taxes. Part of the regulation is for businesses and individuals to uphold a surety bond throughout their operations in Alabama, or at least until they prove trustworthy enough to consistently pay big brother.

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State of Alabama

The Alabama Department of Revenue requires certain individuals to obtain a Motor Fuels Bond as part of the Motor Fuels Excise Tax License.

A Bond submitted to the Department of Revenue for public sellers and fleet producers of compressed natural gas and liquified natural gas.

Wholesalers or jobbers of tobacco products must file this surety bond to receive the tobacco stamping permit from the Alabama Department of Revenue.

The Department of Revenue enforces the Sales Tax Bond requirement for businesses that sell beer, wine, or tobacco products and have been non-compliant in the past year.

Alabama Counties

A total of 22 counties and cities require the Alcohol Tax Bond to receive a permit or license needed to do conduct their business.

Jefferson County requires distributors of gasoline and other motor fuels to file a Gasoline Tax Bond with the county's Department of Revenue.

Those distributing motor fuels in Houston County must obtain a $10,000 surety bond to get the Business Privilege License.