Alabama Hard to Find Surety Bonds

At Jet, we handle niche industry sectors that need to obtain surety bonds for various licenses, permits, and agreements. The bonds listed below are not found at your typical insurance company or surety agency. We take the time to carefully research the details surrounding each bond and ensure it is not a general offering.

Jet is the only insurance company to offer these surety bonds directly to the consumer meaning the process is simplified and rates are affordable. Don't see the bond you need on this page? Please visit our complete alphabetic list of Alabama Surety Bonds or call us at (855) 296-2663.

Business License Bonds

$50,000 bond for the registration of all gyms, health clubs, weight rooms, massage parlors, steam rooms, and whirlpool baths in Alabama.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Pesticide Management Division, requires a license bond for the custom application of pesticides, termite eradication, and structural pest control.

Licensed bail bondsmen in Alabama must uphold the surety bond per the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure.

MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Toughman promoters are required to post a license bond with the Alabama Athletic Commission.

The City of Dothan mandates that all bail bondsmen file a $3,000 license bond to operate in the city.

In the City of Hunstville, Alabama, retailers, merchants, and vendors need a surety bond as part of the business license process.

Baldwin County, Alabama requires some concessionaires and vendors to hold a bond as part of their contract or agreement to utilize public or private space.

Various cities and counties in Alabama enforce the surety bond requirement for peddlers, vendors, solicitors, canvassers, and transient merchants.

Private investigators, detectives, and security guards are to purchase a license bond to do business.

Utility Deposit Bond

23 different Alabama utility companies have a utility deposit bond option for commercial and industrial businesses to avoid paying the entire security deposit.

Finance-Related Bonds

Pawnshops in the City of Mobile, Alabama must obtain a business license and $1,000 surety bond to operate.

Timeshare plan sellers need a $5,000 bond and brokers need a $10,000 bond, filed with the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

Licensed cemetery authorities, funeral establishments, third-party sellers, and any other person selling preneed funeral merchandise and services contracts needs a bond filed to the Alabama Department of Insurance.

Healthcare Bonds

Providers of Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment and medical supplies including prosthetics, orthotics, and other supplies are required to have a license bond filed to the Alabama Medical Agency.

Licensed nursing home administrators managing residents' trust funds must get a surety bond to file with the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

Environmental Bonds

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources of Alabama requires all licensed special agents in the fishing and hunting industry to hold a $1,000 bond.

Surface mining bonds must be filed with the Surface Mining Commission for surface coal mining and the mining of non-fuel minerals.

A Single Well Bond or Blanket Bond is needed for operators of gas, oil, and class II injection wells.

Work on underground storage facilities for solution-mined cavities and storage wells requires a surety bond.

Other Bonds

A $10,000 surety bond is mandatory for auctioneers, filed with the Alabama State Board of Auctioneers.

Motor clubs in Alabama must obtain a $25,000 license bond to file with the Department of Insurance.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries requires grain dealers and warehouse operators to hold a license bond.

Billiard rooms, restaurants, and bars that have pool tables are required to hold a $1,000 bond.

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission requires this bond for manufactured housing installers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Marine sanitation device inspectors need a $10,000 Special Agent Indemnity Bond, required by the Alabama Department of Public Safety Marine Patrol Division.

The Alabama Polygraph Examiners Board orders polygraph examiners to secure a $5,000 license bond.

Billiard rooms, restaurants, and bars that have pool tables are required to hold a $1,000 bond.

Professional employer organizations in Alabama need a $100,000 license bond, or $50,000 for a limited license with the Alabama Department of Labor.

$10,000 bond for professional fundraisers and commercial co-venturers, to be filed with the Alabama Attorney General Office.

The $50,000 Telemarketing Bond is to be filed with the Alabama Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Section.