Alabama House Moving Bonds

Alabama House Moving Bond

A House Moving Bond may be required in certain cities or counties in Alabama. The bond is generally set at a $5,000 limit, but the limit can vary according to the city or county’s Code of Ordinances that dictate the bond requirements. Jet Insurance Company provides the House Moving Bond as a financial guarantee to the city or county for damages to public or personal property during the move of a home, structure, or building.


Within minutes, you’ll be done with Jet’s streamlined application and ready to purchase a House Moving Bond!

What Is the Lowest Price for the House Moving Bond?

The cost for a House Moving Bond starts as low $100 with Jet. For a $5,000 limit (which is the standard limit in Alabama cities), you can buy the bond for $100 right away. When the bond is set at a higher limit by a city, the cost of your bond will be determined by a soft credit check. The chart below shows the starting rates for the bond at different limits.

Bond LimitCost
Alabama House Moving Bond Cost

Buying your bond with Jet means you purchase directly from the insurance carrier that holds your bond. There are no middlemen or brokers who raise your costs to pay for their commissions.

Where Is a House Moving Bond Required?

Although the House Moving Bond can be used by any city in Alabama, certain municipalities have included the bond requirement in their legislation and may have changed the bond limit, as indicated below: 

City of Birmingham - Under the Birmingham Code of Ordinances, Section 3303.5, a $5,000 House Moving Bond shall accompany the house moving permit. The city will also accept a blanket or annual bond in a custom limit that would cover multiple moves. 

City of Hueytown - Under the Hueytown Code of Ordinances, Section 14-274, a $5,000 House Moving Bond shall accompany the house moving permit.

Jefferson County - Under the Building Code of Jefferson County, Section 3303.5, a $5,000 House Moving Bond shall accompany the house moving permit.

City of Mountain Brook - Under the Mountain Brook Code of Ordinances, Section 109-327, a contractor who performs the house moving function must file a $1,000 House Moving Bond.

City of Tarrant - Under the Tarrant Code of Ordinances, Section 4-95, a $500 House Moving Bond shall accompany a house moving permit. For multiple permits, a bond with a minimum limit of $2,000 may be filed (determined by $500 times the number of permits)

City of Trussville - Under the Trussville Code of Ordinances, Section, a $25,000 House Moving Bond shall accompany the house moving permit.

City of Vestavia Hills - Under the Vestavia Hills Code of Ordinances, Section 1302.8.3, a $10,000 House Moving Bond shall accompany a house moving permit.

What Is the Purpose of the House Moving Bond?

The House Moving Bond is used as a financial guarantee against damages, meaning it will pay for or reimburse the cost to repair the damages that were caused by the moving of the home, building, or structure. Cities or counties use the bond to make sure their public property and their citizens’ personal property will not be harmed by the house mover or contractor by a violation of the permit specifications.

How to Apply for the House Moving Bond With Jet

Applying for your House Moving Bond is easy with Jet! Our online application only asks for needed information, like the city in which you are applying for a permit, the bond limit required, and general business information. In some cases where the limit is high, a social security number may be needed to conduct a soft credit check — don’t worry, this is not a hard inquiry and won’t affect your credit score. 

For most applicants, the end of the application will provide an approved rate that is ready for purchase! All you have to do is make payment and you will receive a receipt and a digital copy of your bond right away. 

If you do not receive an approved rate immediately (usually because of a high bond limit), a Jet team member will review your application and send you an email with your quote.


Can Jet File the House Moving Bond for Me?

Yes! After your purchase, Jet will complete the House Moving Bond Form and send it to the city or county indicated in the application. In some cases, the bond needs to be filed with the permit application. If that applies to you, just make sure to choose that you would like the bond mailed to you when making payment. 

Once the bond is ready to be mailed out, you will need to mail it to the corresponding address:

City of Birmingham
Department of Planning, Engineering, & Permits
710 20th Street, North Room 210, City Hall
Birmingham, AL 35203

City of Hueytown
Department of Building and Inspections
1318 Hueytown Road
Hueytown, AL 35023

Jefferson County
Jefferson County Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Suite B200
Birmingham, AL 35203

Mountain Brook
City of Mountain Brook
PO Box 130009
Mountain Brook, AL 35213

City of Tarrant
Building Inspector
1604 Pinson Valley Pkwy
Tarrant, AL 35217

City of Trussville
Engineering and Inspections Department
131 Main Street
Trussville, AL 35173

Vestavia Hills
City of Vestavia Hills
Department of Building Safety
1032 Montgomery Hwy
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

What Happens if I Need to Cancel My House Moving Bond?

If you need to cancel your House Moving Bond with Jet, just let us know! All Jet needs is a written request (an email to would work), and we will notify the city or county that is holding your bond to begin the cancellation period. The general House Moving Bond will be held for 15 days before the cancellation is complete, but in some cases, such as in Birmingham, the bond is held for 30 days. Any time that is left after the final cancellation will be reviewed to see if a refund is possible.

It is important to note that even if you cancel your bond with Jet, you are still obligated to hold a bond in compliance with your permit. Failure to do so may result in permit complications.

When Does the House Moving Bond Obligation End?

The House Moving Bond must be held along with the house moving permit, which is required during the course of moving a structure. Once the move has been completed, there is no longer a need for the permit or the bond. As long as the regulations are followed the bond can be cancelled at that point without repercussions.

How Can I Avoid House Moving Bond Claims?

The best way to prevent House Moving Bond claims is by making sure that you follow the stipulations of the house moving permit that was issued and the ordinances that dictate the terms of your bond. In general, the following actions can lead to bond claims: 

What Happens if I Get a House Moving Bond Claim?

If you receive a claim on your House Moving Bond, notify Jet immediately! Our team will look into the claim filing to determine its validity. If the review of all applicable documentation finds that the claim is valid, Jet will be obligated to pay out the claim up to the limit of the bond. The bond acts as an extension of credit, and you will be required to restore the bond to its required limit. 

Alabama House Moving Bond Form