Alabama Manufactured Housing Bond

Alabama Manufactured Housing Bond

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission (AMHC) requires manufactured housing installers, retailers, and manufacturers to file a surety bond to be licensed. Jet provides the Manufactured Housing Bond as protection for homeowners against financial loss caused by defects or safety hazards that the AMHC licensee fails to correct.


Buying your Manufactured Housing Bond with Jet is easy and affordable! Whether it’s an annual term or our exclusive monthly payment plan, you can choose a payment method that is best for you.

What Is the Price and Bond Limit for the Manufactured Housing Bond?

You can purchase a Manufactured Housing Bond starting as low as $100. Your rate is dependent on a couple of factors including the required bond limit and personal credit.

Each type of manufactured housing licensee has a limit that is set by the AMHC. The bond must be held at a limit of: 

Below, you will find a chart indicating the starting rates for each bond limit.

Bond LimitMonthlyAnnual
Rates for the Alabama Manufactured Housing Bond

Why Is the Alabama Manufactured Housing Bond Required?

The AMHC set a bonding requirement for its manufacturers, installers, and retailers to prevent homeowners or other consumers from being financially or physically injured due to safety hazards, defects in manufacturing, or poor installation. This coincides with the Commission’s mission of protecting consumers through enforcing its licensees to comply with the AMHC’s Administrative Code.

How to Apply for the Manufactured Housing Bond With Jet

Applying for a Manufactured Housing Bond with Jet only takes a few minutes! Our streamlined application will guide you through submitting the necessary information such as the type of license, general business information, and a social security number. Don’t worry, this is just a soft credit check that doesn’t affect your score, not like a hard inquiry for a loan.

After you have completed the application, the next step will be either: 

  1. You receive an approved quote and can purchase it right away, receiving a digital copy of the bond and a receipt for your records, or 
  2. Your application will need further review (usually due to a higher bond limit). If any additional information is needed, a Jet team member will reach out to you. Once your quote is ready, you will receive an email with the approved quote and a link to purchase your bond. A digital copy of your bond and a receipt will be emailed to you after purchase.

Can Jet File the Manufactured Housing Bond to the AMHC for Me?

Yes, Jet can take care of the filing for you! Once you have completed your purchase of the Manufactured Housing Bond, Jet will prepare the bond form and mail it directly to the AMHC. You may need to file the original bond with additional licensing paperwork; if this is the case, you can choose to have the bond mailed to you when you are checking out.

You must send in the original bond and any additional paperwork to:

Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission
350 South Decatur Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Can I Cancel My Manufactured Housing Bond and Get a Refund?

If you need to cancel your Manufactured Housing Bond with Jet, you can send a written request or an email to We will notify the AMHC right away to begin the 30-day cancellation period. 

A refund can be provided on a Manufactured Housing Bond that was paid for on an annual term or multi-year term. Following the 30 additional days that the AMHC keeps the bond active, Jet will calculate the time remaining on the bond for a refund. 

Monthly payments will continue as long as the bond is active, including the additional 30 days after the AMHC receives the cancellation request. Since each payment that is received keeps your bond active for another month, a refund will not be applicable.

How to Renew the Manufactured Housing Bond in Alabama

Nearing the end of your Manufactured Housing Bond term, Jet will send you a renewal notice with plenty of time to respond. You can renew online by clicking the link in the emailed notice and submitting payment or fill out the mailed notice and send it back to Jet. Our team will take care of your renewal without the need for additional paperwork. 

If you are on the monthly payment plan, you don’t have to worry about renewals! As long as your payments go through, your bond will stay active. 

If there is a change in your bond limit (which may occur for manufacturers or retailers), you must notify Jet of the change to receive updated rates for the new limit to reflect the appropriate coverage.

How Does a Manufacturer, Installer, or Retailer Avoid Manufactured Housing Bond Claims?

The best way to avoid claims on your Manufactured Housing Bond is to make sure you are following the provisions of your license with the AMHC and any contracts that you enter into. For each type of license, these responsibilities look different and must also adhere to the AMHC Administrative Code and other rules and regulations listed on the AMHC’s website. Common actions of each licensee that could constitute a claim are:

The AMHC is able to inspect any of its licensees at any time, according to Section 24-5-9 of the Code of Alabama. This will bring to light any issues regarding the safety or quality of the manufactured home to the applicable licensee and give an opportunity to correct them. Failure to correct the issue can result in a claim against the Manufactured Housing Bond.

What Happens if I Get a Manufactured Housing Bond Claim?

Please alert Jet right away if any claims on your Manufactured Housing Bond arise. Our team will look into the claim, checking the validity of the accusation through evidence provided by you and the claimant — it is important that you are truthful and responsive during this time. In a valid claim, Jet is obligated to provide payment to whoever filed the claim as restitution.

Although Jet will make payment to the injured party right away, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be held responsible for your actions. Any bond payouts must be repaid to Jet for you to retain your license with the AMHC. 

Does a Manufactured Housing Licensee Need Any Other Coverage?

Yes; the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission requires its licensees to carry a general liability policy in the following amounts:

Alabama Manufactured Housing Bond Form