Alabama Transportation Bonds

In Alabama, there are several transportation-related businesses that need a bond to be licensed in the state. Government entities, including the Alabama Department of Revenue, enforce regulations for businesses to ensure the safety of Alabama's people while transacting with motor vehicle dealers, auto recyclers, and others. Individuals and businesses may need a lost title bond if for some reason they cannot prove their ownership of a vehicle in their possession.

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Auto Dealers must have a $50,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond to obtain and maintain a Master Dealer License with the Alabama Department of Revenue.

The Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division requires a $50,000 bond for automotive dismantlers and parts recyclers to operate.

A Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond is required for those who are unable to provide proof of vehicle ownership to the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division.

Those transporting more than eight scrap tires at any one time must have a permit and bond through the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Motor clubs in Alabama must obtain a $25,000 license bond to be filed with the Department of Insurance.

Tax-Related Transportation Bonds

To get the Motor Fuels Excise Tax License, a surety bond must be purchased and filed with the Alabama Department of Revenue.

A surety bond is requited for public sellers and fleet producers of compressed natural gas or liquified natural gas by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

A $10,000 bond is mandatory for motor fuel distributors to receive the Business Privilege License in Houston County, Alabama.

Jefferson County, Alabama requires gasoline and other motor fuel distributors to file a Gas Tax Bond to receive the Motor Fuels (Distributor) License.