Alabama Court and Probate Bonds

Alabama has a variety of surety bond requirements related to court rulings or probate court mandates and people's ability to express what they determine as the best course of action. These regulations are generally enforced by local, county, and state courts and are broken into the following categories: probate/fiduciary bonds and civil/judicial bonds. Select your bond below or call us at 855-296-2663.

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Probate Bonds

Alabama administrators or executors may need to hold a surety bond, per court or estate order, while fulfilling their estate management obligations.

Some conservators and guardians are required to obtain a surety bond, per court or estate order, to guarantee the wellbeing of the protected person while completing fiduciary duties.

Trustees are often asked to purchase a surety bond to ensure a level of protection for the trust’s beneficiaries and assets.

Court Bonds

In order to take possession of property held by another prior to a court's decision, a Replevin Bond can be utilized to retake possession while awaiting a court decision.

Keep possession of property to counter a replevin by requesting the use of a Counter Replevin Bond from the court. I see your replevin and raise you a counter replevin!

An appellant must provide this bond to appeal a lower court's judgment. The bond guarantees payment should the higher jurisdiction reach the same decision.

A lien bond is a court-approved surety bond for a defendant wishing to discharge a lien against a property.