Nevada Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are utilized by various regulators before a company or individual can become licensed or pursue a task. With Jet, you can purchase your bond in minutes. Start saving on your surety need now.

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Nevada Surety Bonds

Bond Categories

The Nevada State Contractors Board requires all contractors to have a Contractor License Bond. Cities and counties in Nevada may also require bonds to work on construction projects. Unions occasionally require bonds to hire union workers.

Whether you are dealing motor vehicles, performing inspections, repairing vehicle damage, or performing other auto-related businesses, the State mandates surety bonds to operate.

Court and probate bonds are often required of conservators and guardians, administrators and executors, plaintiffs, and defendants going through court cases.

Mortgage companies, collection agencies, money transmitters, TPAs, and managing general agents are among those who must file a surety bond to be licensed in Nevada.

Janitorial Service, Employee Dishonesty, Business Service, and ERISA Bonds offer protection to the business when it has sustained losses as a result of an employee's fraudulent acts.

Nevada notaries must maintain a $10,000 surety bond for the duration of their 4-year notary public term.

Nevada school bonds include those for elementary, secondary, and postsecondary private schools, commercial driver training companies/schools, and driving schools.

The Department of Taxation requires bonds for tobacco wholesalers, liquor wholesalers, and those utilizing the sales tax permit. The Department of Motor Vehicles also enforces a bond for fuel use tax.

Some bonds do not associate with the above categories. These include bonds for auctioneers, public weighmasters, notaries, employment agencies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and more.

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State Bond Information

The State of Nevada has over 50 surety bond requirements for certain individuals and businesses. Cities, counties, commissions, divisions, and departments across the state regulate multiple professions and processes using the surety bond as a tool to protect the land and its inhabitants.

Jet Insurance Company offers Nevada surety bonds as a third-party guarantor which allows the principal (bonded business or person) to operate. The bond is a guarantee of recompense should a regulated business or individual fail to perform their duties according to the law. For example, if a boxing match gets canceled and the promoter refuses to refund customers for their ticket purchases, the customers are able to file a claim on the promoter's license bond to be reimbursed up to the bond limit. Read more details about Surety Bond Claims.

Jet's application was made with the customer's time in mind, only asking for the information necessary to provide you with a quote—and often the option to purchase—within minutes. By going direct with Jet, you eliminate agents and brokers (middlemen) and gain access to a convenient monthly payment option as well as low annual and multi-year rates.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Nevada (Certificate of Authority ID #149976).

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