Nevada Hard to Find Surety Bonds

The surety industry has niche sectors that can be hard to find information on, let alone a company that offers surety bonds for these sectors. Jet Insurance Company, however, has carefully researched every single bond requirement to answer all your questions. Jet's streamlined application allows you to get your bond quickly, often in a matter of minutes!

Look at the list of the hard-to-find Nevada surety bonds below. If you don't see what you are looking for, visit our complete alphabetic list of Nevada Surety Bonds or call us at (855) 296-2663.

Health Care

The State of Nevada Department of Human Resources, Division for Aging and Disability Services requires health care or refractive surgery facilities or services to hold a bond.

To be licensed as a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Nevada, a surety bond must be on file with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy for the entirety of the wholesaler's licensure.

Employment Services

Employee leasing companies, also known as professional employer organizations, need a $100,000 bond, filed with the Department of Business and Industry.

A $1,000 bond is mandatory through the Nevada Labor Commissioner for paid third-party agencies involved in the hiring process between employers and employees.


The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada enforces a surety bond requirement for all telecommunications service providers who accept payment prior to fulfilling services.

Some Nevada utility companies require their customers to provide a surety bond as a guarantee that their services will be paid for.


Itinerant solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants must have a $5,000 Temporary Merchant Bond on file with the City of Las Vegas when operating within City limits.

Traveling merchants and mobile street vendors need a $1,000 surety bond, filed with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, when permitted to work in the County.

Other Bonds

Auctioneers working in Clark County, the City of Las Vegas, and the City of Henderson are mandated to file a bond to guarantee recovery for financial damage caused to customers.

Nevada notaries need a $10,000 surety bond to operate as a notary public in the State. The bond lasts for four years term to line up with the notary term.

A $50,000 bond is a requirement by the Nevada Division of Insurance for those selling prepaid funeral or cemetery contracts to the public.

Wrestling, boxing, karate, or other unarmed combat match promoters must submit a $10,000 Promoter License and Refund Bond with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The Nevada State Department of Agriculture, Division of Livestock Identification requires livestock/farm product brokers, commission merchants, and dealers to hold a license bond.

Nevada public weighmasters need a $1,000 license bond, filed with the Department of Agriculture to work in the State.