Nevada Transportation Bonds

Nevada Obligees (entity requiring the bond) often require surety bonds for transportation-related businesses. Principals (those purchasing the bond) selling motor vehicles, registering vehicles, performing inspections, and operating body shops/garages are just a few examples of who needs a bond in the State of Nevada.

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A license bond is required for Nevada auto dealers, brokers, rebuilders, lessors, distributors, manufacturers, transporters, and off-highway dealers, filed with the DMV.

Residents of Nevada who are unable to show proof of vehicle ownership must file a Lost Title Bond with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV allows certain motor vehicle dealers and emission inspection stations to register for the Vehicle Registration Program. A $10,000 surety bond is required for registration.

Non-profits (collegiate or charitable organizations) registering for the Specialty License Plate Program must hold a bond with the Commission on Special License Plates.


Authorized fleet and vehicle inspection stations must comply with the Nevada DMV's bond requirement of $1,000 before performing emissions testing and/or repairs.

Public weighmasters need a $1,000 surety bond to be licensed with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Vehicle Damage

Nevada auto body shops must obtain a $10,000 bond and auto garage owners need a $5,000 bond to be licensed with the DMV.

Individuals and businesses conducting motor vehicle damage appraisals must file a $2,500 bond with the Nevada Division of Insurance.

The Nevada DMV requires motor vehicle wreckers and salvage pool businesses to hold a license and bond with the Occupational and Business Licensing office.


Fuel dealers and suppliers, and special fuel dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, and users are all required to obtain a surety bond to ensure the payment of taxes to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.