Nevada Court and Probate Bonds

In Nevada, certain families and individuals may be required to obtain a bond while going through various court and probate processes. These probate and court bonds are regulated by the county in which the case is being administered. If you don't see the bond you need below, please call us at (855) 296-2663 and we will assist

Probate Bonds

Personal representatives (administrators and executors) are often mandated to hold a surety bond for the duration they are managing and closing an estate.

Conservators and guardians may need a bond while completing fiduciary duties, such as making decisions for an incompetent individual or minor.

Trustees are sometimes required to post a bond to guarantee the protection of a person's assets and beneficiaries.

Court Bonds

The Replevin Bond allows a plaintiff to re-take possession of the property in another person's possession before the court makes a final decision.

The Counter Replevin Bond allows a person to retain property possession by countering a replevin move.

Appellants need this bond to appeal a lower court's judgement. The bond guarantees the original judgement will be paid if the higher court agrees with the lower court.