Nevada Tax Bonds

The Nevada Department of Taxation and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles oversee a combined total of four bond requirements for businesses and individuals, which guarantee the Departments will receive tax payments from companies and people operating in the State.

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Wholesale dealers of cigarettes and other tobacco products must file a performance tax bond. If the dealer chooses to defer payments for the purchase of revenue stamps they must also file a Tobacco Stamp Bond.

To be qualified for the sales tax permit, Nevada retail businesses must file a Sales and Use Tax Bond to ensure the payment of sales taxes to the State of Nevada Department of Transportation.

Importers and wholesale dealers of alcoholic beverages, including winemakers and brewers, must secure a Liquor Excise Tax Bond to be licensed in Nevada.

Fuel suppliers, dealers, manufacturers, and users all need a Fuel Tax Bond, filed with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, in order to be licensed in the State.