Delaware Surety Bonds

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Delaware Surety Bonds

Bond Categories

Fidelity Bonds are needed for various business types such as cleaning and janitorial services, financial institutions, and businesses offering employee benefit plans.

A Union Bond (aka Wage and Welfare Bond) may be required if you are looking to hire union laborers to ensure they are paid their dues.

Court Bonds are required on a county level in all 50 states for plaintiffs and defendants going through certain processes such as an appeal or replevin. Replevin bonds, appeal bonds, and lien bonds are examples of court bonds.

Probate Bonds (Fiduciary Bonds / Personal Representative Bonds) may be for someone acting on behalf of another either for financial and/or medical reasons. These can be for administrators or executors, conservators or guardians, and trustees.

State Bond Information

The first state, Delaware, has the mission of protecting its citizens and land. One way it does this is through surety bonds.

A surety bond provides financial protection to the public when a principal (person holding the bond) fails to uphold their duties. An example would be a public adjuster withholds, mishandles, or converts money or property acquired during insurance business, the customer(s) could file a claim on the surety bond to be reimbursed for their financial loss. Jet, as the surety company, must provide a payout for valid claims. To read more about surety bond claims, read our claims guide.

Jet's direct model cuts out middlemen agents and brokers, providing a quick and seamless application, low rates, and top-notch customer service.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Delaware (Certificate of Authority #6358P).

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