Ohio Surety Bonds

Ohio has hundreds of surety bond requirements for individuals and businesses operating in the state. Regulatory agencies on city-, county-, and state-levels mandate surety bonds as a requirement for the safety and well-being of Ohio's public and environment. As the surety provider, Jet Insurance Company is the third-party guarantor in these three-party agreements allowing those required to procure a bond the ease of working directly with the surety bond company.

Ohio Bond Categories

In Ohio, contractors face the need to obtain bonding with most cities, towns or villages for various needs. The State and Counties may also have their own bond requirements. And if that is not enough, unions may require a bond too.

Auto dealers, boat registration agents, remanufactured vehicle dealers, commercial drivers, and more need surety bonds to operate in various transportation industries.

Guardians and conservators, administrators and executors, plaintiffs, and defendants are among those who may need a court or probate bond.

Finance-related businesses that need a bond in Ohio include mortgage brokers and loan originators, title agents, pawn shops, and surplus lines agents, among others.

To receive a coal mining and reclamation permit or an EPA permit in Ohio, principals must first obtain a surety bond.

The Ohio Department of Taxation requires bonds for the dealer in motor vehicle fuel bond, the cigarette stamp tax credit bond, and the vendor sales tax bond.

Employee Dishonesty, Business Service, Janitorial Service, and ERISA Bonds provide protection to the business when losses are sustained as a result of an employee's fraudulent acts.

School bonds required in Ohio include the cosmetology and barber school bond, school bus contract bond, autism scholarship program bond, and a career school registration bond.

Some bonds don't fit with other categories and play by their own rules. These include bonds for lottery sales retailers, medical marijuana dispensaries, auctioneers, and boxing and MMA promoters, among others.

Common Surety Bonds

The following Ohio bonds are requested more than others at Jet. Get right in by selecting your bond category below.

Sometimes referred to as the Ohio Motor Vehicle Title Defect Bond, this $25,000 bond is required for auto dealers to obtain licensure with the Ohio Attorney General.

Lottery sales agents licensed through the Ohio Lottery Commission must maintain at a minimum a $15,000 Lottery Sales Retailer Bond.

A $150,000 Title Agent Bond required through the ODI for title agents handling escrow, settlement, or closing functions for real estate property transactions.

Sewage treatment installers, service providers, and septage haulers must file a surety bond with the Ohio Department of Health.