Ohio Court and Probate Bonds

The State of Ohio has bond requirements in place for families and individuals going through certain court and probate processes. Typically, these bonds are regulated on the county level and broken into either the probate/fiduciary or a civil/judicial category. Call us at (855) 296-2663 if you don't see the bond you need below.

Probate Bonds

Ohio courts may require an individual acting as a personal representative (administrator or executor) to file a surety bond with the county probate court.

Guardians and conservators may need a bond while fulfilling fiduciary duties for minors and incompetent/incapacitated individuals to ensure they act in the best interest of the person in their care.

Trustees are sometimes required to post a bond to guarantee protection of the person's assets and beneficiaries

Court Bonds

Replevin Bond allows the plaintiff to re-take possession of the property in another person's possession before the court makes a decision.

Counter Replevin Bond allows the person to retain property possession by countering a replevin move.

The appellant needs this bond in order to appeal a lower court's judgement to guarantee the original judgement is paid if the higher court agrees with the lower court.